Guardians of the Past

5th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

The group finishes healing everyone and then head to get the package for Saedellas’ father. It is a large wrapped bundle held by a woman named Miri. On the way back to the Silver Swan, Silvaris notices a group of humans following the party through the streets of Everlund. When discovered, the pursuers draw weapons and charge. The six heroes decide to run and try to escape. Arriving back at the Silver Swan they find out that Ahiktos’ guards have slain an assassin who had snuck in through the back door. He had a list of their names and races.

Corthen sends for a town guard. Guard Captain Stroud arrives and they tell him about being chased. Stroud takes them in for questioning. Kale Moonwalker, an elder councilman, questions the party members. After they have answered his questions satisfactorily, he finds no fault on their part and allows the young adventurers to leave.

The group opens the package they received from Miri earlier in the day. Inside is a robe with golden braided glyphs and runes, and a potion of healing. Inside the robe they find a note with directions to the Font of Knowledge, the Temple of Oghma in Waterdeep and a message that reads “Inside the pillar: the Halls.” Saedellas send a message via the light towers to his father asking him if he may pursue this matter further in Waterdeep. His return message says that the party may do whatever they wish. Ahiktos offers to let the group travel with him to Waterdeep and Stubs offers to sell their horses on consignment for 62 gold coins each.



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