Guardians of the Past

5th of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

Better Late Than Never

It is midmorning before any of the heroes get up from bed. Tellazar heads of to the Tower of the Order. The wizard’s guild has been after the adventuring wizard for almost year to provide them with a wizard’s sigil that is required of any caster of real ability. Tellazar has been in out of the city and had ignored several reminders during his last visits. A note was given to him this morning by Corthen’s servant. It informed Tellazar that he could either comply with the requirement and provide his sigil or he could seek his research, components, and training outside of the guild.

Tellazar goes to Watchful Order and asks to speak to the guildmistress. The head of the Order meets with the young mage. Tellazar apologizes for his poor efforts and produces his sigil that he had already created. Mhair Szeltune accepts the sigil and lets him know that the restrictions have been lifted.

Meanwhile, Samira is busy performing healing rites for the others who suffered at the hands of the Frost Giants. After she has exhausted all of her powers for the day, Corthen and Rehs depart the manse on business.

Corthen strolls to Millomyr Harps and make contact with the owner, Jhandess Millomyr. He tells his Harper contact all that has transpired since his last report. She thanks him and promises to send word through her network.

Rehs takes some time looking for properties for sale. He looks at several shops and a house. Erith and Ayremyr take it easy since their wounds were the greatest.



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