Guardians of the Past

4th of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

H is for ?

The group recovered from the previous two days, returns directly back to the ice cavern from the previous night. They walk through the mirror gate. The group with Rehs scouting out in the advance check down some other tunnels. In the next cavern, the thief finds crates stacked up in storage. The party joins Rehs. They discover that the crates bear the same “H” burned into the wood, that they had found several times in Undermountain storage rooms. These crates also seem to contain foodstuffs. The group is intrigued and Rehs, Corthen, and Samira discuss whether or not the “H” symbol stands for Halaster Blackcloak or not.

The adventurers push on and soon meet three frost giants. There is a melee and the giants are killed in the battle. Corthen leads the group further through the ice caves. Another cave is the sleeping quarters of a giant. Several of the elves and the thief sneak into the room and make sure he doesn’t wake up to cause them problems. After the Guardians have dispatched the giant, they find the next chamber adjoining is occupied by a large band of ogres. With blades and spells, the band battles the evil humanoids. Corthen checks the area for secret passages and recovers any treasure.

Hoping to find the missing staff, the group pushes deeper into the lair of the Frost Giants. Corthen leads the party to split passage, one returns back out to the deep crevasse in the ice and the other is a ice cavern occupied by giants. Samira has almost depleted her healing prayers for the day but the majority of the party wishes to tempt fate and charge into the cavern that is occupied.

The Guardians focus on the guard at the door and they are able to fell him, but another angry giant steps up to inflict damage on the adventurers. Battered and bleeding, the heroes dispatch him. Six more Frost Giants wielding huge clubs and axes push forward. Tellazar uses a number of his paralyzing and slow orb spells to keep the group alive. Rehs swings his sword at one of the enemy and nearly slips on the ice and he drops his blade. Corthen also has some ill luck when his sword Harrikas is released and it proceeds to hit a paralyzed target, releasing him back into the battle.

The party manages to eek out a win, but everyone is badly off with visible wounds and bruises. The group gathers its spoils and retreats back to the mirror gate and to Waterdeep.



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