Guardians of the Past

4th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

The Great Grove

The heroes arise at dawn leaving the campsite traveling west. Rehs and Tellazar travel invisibly with the others. Three hours into their journey the party discovers a trail heading west that enters a large fen. The trail is raised above the marshy grasslands to either side.

The Guardians of the Past walk onward into the fens for most of the day. Before sunset the heroes can make out raised land ahead near the horizon. A short time later the group is surprised by four large black green snakes. The creatures exit the waters and attack.

The serpents strike at Volo, Samira, and Ayremyr. Only Volo is stricken. Samira and Uldred act quickly to aid him. Samira applies a potential antidote while the dwarf slows the poison in his system. Ayremyr quickly takes several fangs and snake scales for the Mystran priestess.

The heroes march on pushing to reach the Grove of Chauntea. Several hours after dark the Guardians are confronted by a force of eight ugly and deformed giants. The hideous creatures are close to 14’ tall with misshapen limbs and twisted faces. The giants move forward to engage the party drawn to their light sources. Two of the giants strike Ayremyr and nearly kill him. In retaliation Erith unleashes two blasts of ice from his wand while Uldred releases a deadly blast of Prismatic Spray from his helm killing two of the foes. Ayremyr disengages from battle and drinks several draughts to heal his wounds.

The giants’ swords continue to batter the party. Rehs sneaks up invisibly and critically wounds another behemoth when he severs an artery in his enemy’s leg causing his to bleed out within two minutes. Darga, the charmed enforcer of Cyric, does not engage the giants as there is little room for him to wade into the melee. Corthen’s shouts for him to move into the fen to fight fall on deaf ears.

During the battle the party can hear human screams, animal cries, and drumming. The warriors charge forward to face the last two giants guarding entrance into the holy site. Tellazar has cast Haste upon Corthen, Ayremyr, Uldred, and Darga. From outside the lush grove the party hears a shout of voices call Tyranthraxus. The furious blades strike the brutal giants. Rehs finishes off the last one by severing the creature’s leg off at the thigh.

Charging blindly into the Great Grove the party is shocked to see dark robed figures surrounding a befouled pool of water. The water has a growing dark mist spreading across the surface. Standing in the air above the water is a proud looking woman who laughs coldly and suddenly vanishes.

Suddenly a column of fire erupts from the water, taking on a vague humanoid form. Flames shoot out from the creatures to unlit torches of the priests. The Cyricists proceed to use the flames to ignite the foliage of the grove. Corthen, Uldred, Erith, Darga, and Rehs attack the dark robed Cyricists. Samira casts a Charm Person upon one priest in the hopes of taking him out of the battle.

Tellazar casts a Magic Missile spell at the flaming figure but the spell snuffs out without harming him. Volo shouts that the name Tyranthraxus is that of a dead God. The flaming God rises up and begins flying away. Ayremyr and Samira attempt to use items upon the deity, but they fail in their attempts.

Harpers arrive at the grove and urge the party to dispatch the priests and aid them with the fires. They begin beating the flames with cloaks and blankets to put out the burning fires. The party defeats all but one priest. Erith finally uses his gauntlet to paralyze the evil priest. He is bound.

The heroes join the fire fighting. After an hour of frenzied activity the Harpers and the party have quenched the flames. Corthen questions their leader and learns he is Swiftsword, an ally of Sharantyr. Owain, a Chauntean druid, mournfully notes that greater powers will be needed to restore the waters of the Moonwell. Swiftsword suggests the party question their prisoner to see what can be learned.

Early questioning of Loalander reveals much. Samira tells the group that she charmed him. The party learns that the fire being was indeed Tyranthraxus, the Flaming One. He was once a servant of Bane. Loalander explains that Tyranthraxus was dead, but the Dark Druidess has called him forth into the Realms to serve Cyric.

Corthen asks what coming plans the Dark Druidess has. The charmed priests reveals that her forces prepare to strike at Caer Callidyr and the new Queen soon. Samira asks if he knows of any names of the Druidess. He informs the party that her name is Gauntathra, True Servant of the Dark Sun and that Cyric favors her. He says that she has been a loyal priestess of Cyric and that she banished the Baneson from the Realms several years ago in a hidden temple.

Samira asks about the purpose of despoiling the groves. Loalander tells her that each ruined grove weakens Chauntea’s defenses of the islands and increases Cyric’s powers. He also states it allows each of the Lost Gods to enter back into the Realms. Samira learns that four additonal groves will be attacked, but Loalander knows not which ones. She learns that besides the Great Grove that the Dark Druidess has despoiled the Groves of Blackstone and LeShay. Corthen and Samira share what they have learned with Swiftsword the Harper leader. He states he will share the information with his superior, Florin. The warrior asks if the heroes have learned all that is needed from their prisoner. Corthen quickly tells him that they have exhausted all questions.

The elven leader of Guardians walks quickly over to the charmed Loalander and runs his sword into his neck, dispatching him in moments. Volo quietly asks Tellazar if anyone learned what was called forth at the other groves. Realizing the elf has been hasty, he speaks to him. Corthen rubs his eyes and sighs. He pulls forth the Spear of Lochal and asks the departed man more questions.

The Speak With Dead works. Loalander reveals in death that the God Moander was freed at Blackstone Grove. Additionally, Camnod the Unseen was released at the Grove of LeShay. Someone suggests finding out the other gods who will be released to serve Cyric. Loalander’s spirit informs them that Maram of the Great Spear; Haask, Voice of Hargut; Borem of the Lake of Boiling Mud; and Valigan Thirdborn, a God of Anarchy shall join Cyric’s other freed Gods.

Corthen and Uldred put Loalander’s body into the portable hole in case other questions occur. Swiftsword asks if the party is willing to travel to Caer Callidyr to warn the Queen. The heroes agree to undertake the task. The party follows the Harpers deeper into the fen while it is still night.



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