Guardians of the Past

3rd of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

Corthen speaks to Captain Veldyrina. He convinces her to allow the party to question the seed collector. The group makes plans to question him while Samira uses spells to read some of his thoughts. During the interrogation Hessalo maintains his innocence. Corthen threatens Hessalo with bodily harm and tries to intimidate him. At one point, he angrily roars, “you won’t walk out of here walking!” The elf’s companions do their best to maintain their composure but Rehs and Tellazar are soon laughing despite the dark glares from the elven warrior.

With Samira’s probings of his mind she learns that his name is not Hessalo, but Thazstar, a wizard in the employment of the Dark Druidess. A more thorough search of his sea chest discovers seventeen uncut rubies but they are not unguarded. Ayremyr is attacked by a crawling claw hand which leaps at him and manages to choke him before Tellazar destroys the animated hand.

Thazstar tells the party they will be sorry for interfering with the Dark Druidess. Corthen scoffs at the prisoner and tells him he is not worried. The party informs the Captain that Thazstar was responsible for the ghoul attack the other night and is working against the High King. Veldyrina agrees to hold the mage prisoner and allow him to turned over to local lord once they dock in Aithelar.

The party debates what to do with their pirate treasure. Several members consider burying the wealth in a remote location before sailing to Aithe. The idea is discarded by a majority of the group who only wish to focus on transporting the swords safely and the matter is dropped.



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