Guardians of the Past

3rd of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

On the road the mounted adventurers pass some herders with about 30 head of cattle and they exchange road news. Later in the day 4 mounted men charge out of the tree line towards the heroes and attack. Corthen gets hit by an arrow fired from the woods. It is an ambush. Tellazar puts two of the riders to sleep with a spell. Silvaris gets hit in the face with an arrow and falls. Saedellas get hit hard by one of the rider’s swords. Whitlowe charges into the woods to stop the archers. Kazlar and Saedellas rush to stabilize Silvaris before he dies. Then Tellazar is struck by an arrow and falls. Corthen tries to defend himself from a rider but fumbles his own sword wounding himself instead and then collapses.

Saedellas begins to think he may not make it to Everlund on behalf of his father. Only Whitlowe, Kazlar and himself are still concious to fight these raiders, and Whitlowe is nowhere to be seen since he ran into the woods to engage the deadly archers. Saedellas and Kazlar grimly face the mounted bandits and they manage to defeat the horsemen. Whitlowe returns from the grove of trees smiling and holding up three fingers. It seems the gnome warrior dispatched all three of the archers in the woods.

The party sorts through and takes some of the bandit gear which consists of: 4 riding horses, 4 long swords, 4 daggers, 4 suits of studded leather, 3 short bows, 3 suits of leather, 3 short swords, 23 flight arrows, 2 weeks of standard rations and some coin.

The adventurers have no choice but to make camp early. A caravan approaches on its way to Everlund. The caravan leader is Ahiktos the Merchant. He is an aging man with black hair and he wears a satin robe. His caravan makes camp with the party and they are grateful. He invites the young heroes to dine with him and offers to buy their extra horses. He offers to give them 225 gold for their extra horses and he has information he wishes to share.

He tells the group that a warrior woman was asking about them in Trail Ridge. They tell Ahiktos what they heard from Voronia about Olthcar in exchange for his help in traveling with the caravan to Everlund. Ahiktos tells Corthen that by reputation Olthcar is an honorable man.



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