Guardians of the Past

3rd of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

Lair of the Frost Giants

The blizzard conditions ease and the party, half-frozen digs themselves out of their shelters and survey the area. Nothing can be seen but endless frozen waste to the north. Corthen speaks to his friends and suggests they try heading off south towards a dark spot far off.

Traveling for the day, the group finally reaches the stone face. It is dark and freezing cold. Corthen suddenly stumbles and falls down in a depression. Samira informs him that he has discovered the tracks of a giant. The group follows the tracks that lead to a crevasse in the icy ground near the stone cliff. Hoping for shelter and trusting their luck, the band descends down into the crevasse.

The heroes find that the trail splits into several options. Rehs suggests they take the left opening in to the ice since it looks less traveled. Entering, the Guardians of the Past come face to face with four Frost Giants. Corthen yells at the male giants in common tongue that they are only here for the drow. The blue-skinned behemoths do not seem to understand and they attack the heroes with boulders. The group battles back and manages to slay the giants without sustaining any deaths. Samira and Tellazar’s stoneskin spells keep the wizard and warriors from dying.

After the battle, Samira uses the Spear of Lochal and tries speaking with one of the giants. She asks him about Eclavdra, but the giant does not answer her. The group decides that they should leave the frozen land they are in and decide that Erith should use the Drow Teleport Chain to return back to the opening left by the magic mirror. The group waits for nearly an hour before Erith steps back through the mirror’s gate and into the ice room. Tellazar inquires why he was gone for so long. Erith shares that he could not find the invisible end of the open mirror gate back out on the glacier at night and during a storm. He tells them that he had to use his helm to teleport back to Waterdeep. The cold and injured heroes withdraw back through the mirror gate to Corthen’s manse for the night to heal and sleep in a warm bed.



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