Guardians of the Past

3rd of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff (Part II)

The party exits the Harper tunnel onto the western slope of the Cambro Mountains. Having traveled for many hours the adventurers are ready for a break. Before the sun sets on this wilderness, Rhes, Corthen, and Samira gather firewood and create a campsite.

Corthen speaks to his companions and suggests they discuss strategies in facing a powerful foe in the Dark Druidess. Erith and Rehs are given what the group believes are Netherese blast scepters to carry into battle. Samira is given the scroll with two Raise Dead spells, another with three Fly spells, and an Invisibility spell. Rehs accepts a potion of invisibility and another of flying, Corthen takes potions of extra healing.

Tellazar takes time to Identify the rod to learn a little about one set of Cyric priestly vestments. The mage says the rod ressurects the dead. It is given to Samira.

Corthen attempts to persuade Volo into keeping quiet on the party’s members who are Harpers. The author asks several questions of the elf, the strongest commitment he gets from Volo is that he would possibly consider using aliases of their real names should he pursue a Volo’s Guide to the Harpers, or a Volo’s Guide to the Moonshaes.

Late at night Tellazar and Rehs both have Invisibility cast upon them in preparation of the next day’s journey and potential clash.



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