Guardians of the Past

30th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

Erith tells the others that there was a man name Ferdul mentioned in Waterdeep’s past. He lived during the time of Amphail the Just, Warlord of Waterdeep around 935 DR. He speculates that the room they slept in is actually his tomb.

Erith says that Amphail the Just reigned during the second Trollwar, but his reign lasted only one year because he was killed during a battle against the trolls. His rule followed on from that of Gharl, successor to Nimoar, and he was succeeded by another five War Lords during the next twelve years. The bard shares that the village of Amphail is named after him, and some say his ghost is still said to walk the streets there.

Erith says that Amphail was the middle of three Caradoon brothers. The oldest brother was Renwick Caradoon, a noted wizard, and the youngest brother was Samular Caradoon. Amphail and Samular were both paladins in the service of Tyr.

Whether because of the mention of ghosts, the thought of sleeping in a tomb, or the desire for more comfortable quarters, the majority of the group decides to relocate to the bedchamber north of Ferdul’s chamber. Uldred and Saedellas continue healing prayers the rest of the day to aid the injured members of the party.



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