Guardians of the Past

30th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Mystra's Message

The party returns to Caer Callidyr in the afternoon. The city is busy with crews burning the dead corpses of the enemy and interring their dead in a newly hallowed graveyard on the western outskirts of the city.

The Guardians of the Past arrive at the city gates and are not granted access to the city. Corthen speaks to the watchmen and states that he needs to speak to the High Queen and her advisors. The watchmen state they do not have permission to let strangers into the capital. Corthen and Tellazar are insistent that they have information about the retreating enemy. The watch commander releases one of his men to retrieve someone for them to speak with.

Less than an hour later, three men show up at the gate. Their leader surveys the group and talks to them for several minutes before telling the watch commander to let the adventurers through. The group follows the men to a tavern, The Greenbriar Archer. There the men introduce themselves as Florin, Mareth, and Hulp.

Corthen discretely asks Florin if he has friends in the Dalelands and the man nods and confirms the elf’s suspicions that they are sharing an ale with Florin Falconhand, Harper and a Knight of Myth Drannor. The group tells Florin about the cavern where the drow army went to. Florin promises to get them to the High Queen’s Royal Historian, Ithar Deepwell.

Later, as promised, the group is escorted under heavy guard to the historian. Ithar greets the heroes and asks them their story they have for him. The sage consults several tomes to confirm the group’s information. Ithar shares that Thunderspur was once a dwarven settlement in a vale north of Caer Callidyr.

Ithar goes on to tell the group that it fell 750 years ago to the dark llewyrr and became known as Fellgate at that time. Ithar goes on that Fellgate has been generally forgotten because the dark llewyrr last used it some 235 years ago during The Black War. Corthen and his friends thank the sage and leave the city. At a secluded spot, Samira prays to Mystra for knowledge. Intoning prayers of divination, words fill Samira’s mind.

“Near flying nails lies the way. Only the cautious and dogged will find the true path to thy desire.”

Thanking her Goddess, Samira shares the cryptic words with her companions. The companions mull over the message until Rehs mentions the manticores the group killed at the hill giant lair. Deciding that this must be the meaning, they travel back through the waiting mirror gate. Tellazar scries the hill giant treasure room and the group steps through to the other side.

Once there, the group searches the former treasure room of the Chief Nosnra. Kiersan, the dwarf warrior, discovers a shifting stone block. Not being careful about noise, the group draws the attention of the hill giants above. The giants descend the secret staircase to attack the party. Erith and Tellazar cast several offensive spells killing four of the giants and wounding the others. The stunned giants retreat back up the stairs and leave the party to their devices.

Ayremyr and Corthen work together and are able use their strength to move the shifting stone block. An entire wall of the chamber grates down revealing a hidden chamber beyond. The two elves quickly pass through the passage connecting the rooms only to fall into a spiked pit. Rehs uses Samira’s magic hammer to break the locked pit lid and the group retrieves the two wounded warriors.

Carefully crossing the open pit, the heroes discover that secret chamber’s broken and moldy contents are actually illusions covering a weapon’s rack and several chests. Gathering their newly won treasures, the group retreats back to Waterdeep through the mirror.



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