Guardians of the Past

2nd of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

Blizzard Conditions

The group spent the previous day resting, sharpening weapons, replacing worn equipment. Tellazar identified that two of the swords found in the giant’s fortress are enchanted flame swords that bear additional powers of sentience.

Now this morning, Samira has prayed to Mystra using her_ Augury_ prayer. She learns about the chain, that it will transport six persons to a destination already set. Since the group wishes to track down the Staff of Chauntea, this seems to be the next destination. Only Corthen and Rehs step into the figure eight of the magical chain. The two adventurers are teleported away.

Tellazar opens the mirror and scries for Corthen. He sees two men wading through deep snow in a heavy snowstorm. There is low visibility and it is very windy. The group quickly grabs winter gear including extra clothing for Rehs and Corthen and they rush through the mirror.

Rejoining their friends, the two freezing heroes don the furs and clothing their companions have brought. The group sees nothing but snow. Corthen chooses a direction which he believes is North and urges everyone to follow his path. the group travels all day and darkness settles in and the group digs down sheltering for a very cold night.



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