Guardians of the Past

2nd of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

Lady Shaleen

The large Harper party breaks camp before dawn. Ayremyr is healed and is able to use his leg again. After several hours of marching the group stops. The heroes meet a woman who has appeared at their resting place. Avras introduces the adventurers to Lady Shaleen, a raven-haired woman of striking beauty. She smiles at the party and asks them to follow her.

She leads them to a hillock topped with very old looking standing stones and a glowing ring of magical radiance. Lady Shaleen waves one hand, a gap appears in the ring. She motions for the band to enter, smiles, then turns into an iridescent silver and blue dragon and flies off.

Corthen, Samira and the others enter the ring of glowing light. laying on a bed of thick moss are a number of steel vials, a metal rod, and a leather case. The party gathers up the items after a Magic Mouth appears on a nearby stone. It says, “These are for your needs, heroes, as you answer our needs in this dark time. We look for your help now in the Great Grove.” Uldred speaks up and tells the others that the voice belongs to the wizard, Flamsterd, who brought him to the isles from Waterdeep.

After gathering the items, the group discusses whether or not to share the mysterious object taken from the tomb with the other Harpers. The group decides to ask them if they know anything of the object. They retrieve the item from the portable hole with Corthen being wounded from handling the black item. Tyrigan, a bard, examines the item and asks the heroes questions about the tomb. Finally Tyrigan tells the Guardians that he suspects that it is the Obsidian Torc, once worn by Queen Celeese, nearly 700 winters ago. He states that the party must have found her tomb, lost to time. Corthen asks what is known of the torc. Tyrigan tells him that legends say that the item had powers to banish demons. He suggests the heroes keep the torc safe.

Sharantyr tells the heroes it is time to go. She says that they will use a passage under the mountains to reach the Great Grove. The allied Harpers take off marching quickly for the mountains. In the afternoon they reach a stone cliff. Two of the elves begin singing when the group comes to a stop. Soon the stone begins to glow and within minutes an opening into the cliff comes into being through the magic of the elves. Sharantyr leads the group into the tunnel. ten minutes into the underground passage, Avras stops the Harpers. He tells Sharantyr that Swiftdagger reports a very large force of Cyricists is reportedly closing in behind them and closing in on the tunnel.

Sharantyr orders the Guardians on. She tells them that they will close the eastern end of the tunnel to prevent the forces of the Dark Sun from using the path. Her force will harass them and delay them as they try to cross over the mountains above. Sharantyr’s band quickly say their goodbyes and take off running back out of the mountain.

Alone, the heroes, Volo Geddarm, and the charmed prisoner move forward. Samira casts an Unfailing Endurance to aid the party’s march. The group sees no living threats, only the dried husks of giant spiders with their legs curled up in death.



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