Guardians of the Past

29th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Dead End

The adventurers pass the night without any trouble. The group gathers their gear and returns to the trail left by the giants, drow, and Cyricists. The party ascends into a narrow vale. Cautiously Rehs and the others slip forward fearing an ambush. The trail leads to a cliff face with an opening surrounded by broken pillars.

Rehs slips on his enchanted ring of invisibility and scouts the opening and the chamber beyond. The rogue discovers the chamber is empty except for an arcane dais of metal and a human corpse. Rehs returns and reports his findings. Corthen and the other companions investigate the chamber searching it for hidden passages.

Finding no other exits, the group investigates the dead man. Samira uses the Spear of Lochal and converses with the man’s spirit. she learns that he was Kelvis Banner, a soldier captured by the drow. He informs them that a dark llewyrr male sacrificed him to open some kind of magic portal atop the dais.

Knowing they cannot use the dais without a blood sacrifice, Tellazar grows frustrated. Erith and Aremyr gather Kelvis’ remains and give him a proper burial out in the vale. Searching for any other clues, Tellazar finds the faded word “Thunderspur” carved in the dwarven runes on one pillar outside of the cavern. With no other avenue to pursue the evil army, the group turns back for Caer Callidyr.



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