Guardians of the Past

29th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff

Sometimes The Dead Do Tell Tales

Samira has tried to question Dirtan Blackstone’s corpse for several weeks, but his spirit has resisted. He mocks her attempts and hurls insults at the party. Samira questioned the drow, but she also resisted questioning.

This morning Samira has brought forth the body of the Calishite killed during the siege of Aithelar. Samira asks the dead man why he served Dirtan Blackstone. The spirit informs her that he never served Blackstone. Samira and Corthen decide they should ask the man why he was in the tent with the Baron. The dead man tells her that he and his comrades were sent to recover fugitives who had fled his master.

The spirit is asked who his master is. The dead Calishite answers that he was a faithful servant of the Pasha of Calimport. Samira asks why he had dealings with Dirtan Blackstone. The Pasha’s man tells the priestess that divinations had revealed that the former servants turned thieves had fled Calimport and were hiding in Aithelar. Baron Blackstone had agreed to help the Pasha recover his treasures in exchange for the Pasha’s assistance with Calishite mercenaries.



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