Guardians of the Past

28th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

The 9 adventurers arrive in Amphail. They stable the horses with Akrosz Ulvinhand’s smithy since they are not staying at the Stone Stallion. Akrosz charges 3 silver coins per night per horse. The party slips away from the smithy afterwards for the horse pond and enter the tomb just after nightfall.

The heroes encounter a pack of skeletal dogs. Erith, Corthen, and Nolia destroy most of the skeletal hounds with the other heroes dispatching the remaining hounds. Searching past the undead hounds the party comes to antechamber with a mummified human in armor and 12 skeletons guarding a door. The dead guardians do not move or seem to be undead but the group decides to avoid this area for now.

Searching in another area of the tomb, the party finds a chest in an otherwise empty chamber. Silvaris inspects the container for traps and finds none. The rogue backs away and lets Vilnullas open the chest but it is trapped. a number of spears descend quickly from the ceiling and one strikes Tellazar. Everyone else manages to duck and dodge the spears. The spears retract and the mage collapses. Saedellas and Uldred run to aid him. Luckily, he is only unconscious and their prayers are able to revive him. the party retreats back to the chapel storeroom for a night’s sleep.



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