Guardians of the Past

28th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

Background Check

After a night of rest in Waterdeep, the group gathers to learn about their new foe, Eclavdra. Tellazar attempts to scry her and the Staff of Chauntea, but no images appear on the magic mirror’s surface.

Failing the attempts to scry, the party attempts to gain any knowledge they can. They start going through the looted items from the hill giant steading. Tellazar opens the ornate scroll tubes found in the dead hill giant chieftain’s study. Inside, the mage discovers a map of the upper floor of the steading on a rough hide. The death’s head sealed tube is opened. Tellazar deciphers that the letter is to the dead giant chieftain and it was written by Eclavdra the drow.

In the message, the drow give detailed orders for the hill giants about a planned attack which uses the giant forces in the attack. Unsure if the scroll is a ploy or not, the group returns to the mirror and uses it to scry Caer Callidyr, the home of the High Queen.

The Guardians of the Past stare at the mirror in shock. War has come to the fair city. The city has been besieged. Smoke pours from some of the towers and walls of the city. Broken bodies of men and blue skinned giants lie scattered about, both inside and outside of the city. Much damage has been inflicted upon the forces of the High Queen. Fearing the worst, the heroes quickly gather weapons ans armor and use the mirror to gate to travel there in an instant.

Stepping through, the group led by Corthen is quickly met by an armed party of soldiers wearing the wolf’s head of the High Queen. Swearing allegiance to her majesty, the guardsmen share that the combined forces of the Dark Druidess, giants, and the Dark Llewyrr attacked the city. The guards say that some massive God of Rot was instrumental in the attack. The man shares that most of the Royal Wizards sacrificed themselves to push the enemy back from the city and the High Queen.

Angry at the turn of events, the band of Harper heroes decides to track the retreating enemy and kill or destroy as many as they can. The trail is so obvious that Rehs jokes a blind man could follow it. The group travels North on foot pursuing the drow and the Cyricists. At sundown, Ayremyr finds a good defensive place to make camp on a steep hilltop.



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