Guardians of the Past

28th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes spend the morning inspecting their plunder to see if any of it is enchanted. Tellazar learns that several items of plunder are magical. He also finds that the top of the staff is hollow and has a tightly rolled parchment inside the cavity. The group examines the documents and learns that they are clerical magic spells. Corthen takes his broken armor to the Halls of Hilmer again. The armorsmiths inform him that it is going to take two weeks to repair his ancient elven made platemail armor.

The group agrees to take time to train their skills, learn new spells, and learn how to fight with unfamiliar weapons. The party agrees to spend the months of Marpenoth and Uktar in training. The warriors seek out martial training with Ulreth the Blademaster. Uldred and Saedellas spend time at the Plinth at their respective shrines praying to their Gods and offering to serve those powers in a greater capacity. Erith spends time performing music and swapping songs and tales with other bards coming into Waterdeep. The two rogues seek out a local retired thief who can help them in their skills with doors and traps. Tellazar spends time with Irethina of the Watchful Order of Wizards. She tutors him in new spells and discusses the use of the art with him.



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