Guardians of the Past

After morning feast at the inn the party walks across town to see Urloch the Clever. After being escorted in to see the sage by an old female servant the heroes meet the learned man. Urloch is a mostly bald and heavy man who impatiently asks them what they have come to ask him.

Corthen answers the sage and informs him that they are seeking knowledge about the court jester to the Maiden King of Amphail. The sage agrees to the research and requires half of the payment now, 500 gold coins. He informs the party to return in one week.

When the party returns to the Flask and Flute Lodge they are contacted by two of the customers who are sitting at the bar. In low whispers they inform the party that Captain Nybod haunts his room upstairs. Corthen asks why they are whispering. The old red-bearded man who the other calls Regar states that Javius is trying to keep it a secret. Noticing that Javius is not present, the elf begins asking the two men questions. He learns that Nybod just vanished one day from his room with door and window still locked. He says that eventually Javius opened the door after nearly a week had passed and the old ship captain had not touched any of the food left outside his door. Regar adds that the room was empty with no sign of the pirate anywhere.

Begress and Regar say that strange noises can be heard in the Captain’s room at times and the few guests who stay in the room don’t sleep well and Javius tries to keep word of his haunted room from travelers. Regar says that Captain Nybod was a wealthy pirate who was rumored to have a treasure map to his hidden wealth but none of it was ever found after his disappearance. Begress tells Corthen and Samira that the fish on the bar is Captain Nybod reincarnated. He whispers that Mola the maid found the fish one day in the Captain’s room supposedly swimming around in a bathtub full of water, that should have been empty.

Javius returns to the taproom from the cellars with a keg and the two old men clam up. He looks at everyone suspiciously for a second. Corthen quickly informs the innkeeper that he and his friends will be staying another seven days and wishes to pay up front. A happy smile crosses Javius’ face and he gladly accepts the coins from the elven adventurer. On his way out of the room, Corthen slips Regar and Begress 20 gold coins each for their information.

Samira and Corthen gather the others upstairs in Nybod’s room and the elf shares what they have learned. The group searches around the room for hidden treasure. Tellazar informs the others that the copper bathtub, wooden armoire, and the seachest in the room are all radiating magic. Rehs inspects each of the items and picks the lock on the chest. Nothing is found in any of the magic furniture.

Corthen takes the portrait of the missing captain down to check the wall. The wall is unremarkable, but he does discover a folded cloth tucked into the back of the frame. He becomes greatly excited when the cloth unfolds and a magical hole appears in the center of the fabric, creating an extra-dimensional space. The treasure hunter quickly inspects the contents and finds a bronze sextant, two torches, a shovel, and a small box filled with weird little balls of soft wax. The group is excited by the find and feels they may be onto something to either finding the missing pirate or his treasure.

Samira decides to go off near the docks of Lielon and see what she can learn in the taverns. She finds a watering hole named The Bass and Stag. Inside she strikes up a conversation with some of the local men. Playing na├»ve she asks the mixed group of fishermen and dockworkers about Captain Nybod. One young dockworker tells the priestess that the old pirate was involved with a bloody cult that must have kidnapped and sacrificed him to some evil god. Samira asks the others if they think Nybod is dead. One of men tells her that most folks in Lielon have heard that his room is haunted by his restless spirit. He says that one girl who works at the lodge got trapped in the room and Javius had to free her but the door was not even locked! One old fisherman says that moans, the screams of animals and birds, and chanting can sometimes be heard from outside the room. He says that Nybod’s ghost has even been seen wandering around the upper floors of the inn late at night. Samira thanks the men and declines the several offers to stay for drinks and company. She rushes back to her friends to tell them of what she had learned.



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