Guardians of the Past

27th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff


The party spends the day creating outfits that will pass as drow. Rehs uses his hat of disguise to create his drow appearance. They wait until it is late at night. Right before stepping through the mirror gate, Erith casts a vocalize spell on both Samira and Tellazar. Meanwhile Samira casts a Silence spell on Tellazar to help with the mission.

The party steps through the portal created by the scrying mirror to the quarters of Chief Nosnra. Samira casts a mind reading on to the sleeping chief. She is unsuccessful, so Ayremyr dispatches the hill giant chief. The party grabs anything of value. A search reveals a secret door. The party leaves through it and makes their way to the chief’s study.

Not much is found. A hide map on the wall shows the area as well as the lands to the south. Rehs locates a secret door. Passing through, the find a small room with a stack of firewood and steps descending into the darkness. Corthen searches the woodpile and finds two ornate scroll tubes, with one still sealed.

Rehs examines the stairs and the party makes their way into the lower chambers. The hall opens into a large chamber. Across the room Corthen catches a gleam and notices a spilled coffer. an invisible Rehs rushes over to inspect the treasure when he feels the sinking of a pressure plate in the floor. Suddenly two portcullises slam down effectively locking the party into the room. Then another portcullis raises and missiles begin flying from behind this gate at the party.

Several members are hit, but none seriously. The group realizes they are under attack by creatures that are likely manticores. The group uses arrows and spells to slay the creatures on the other side of the southern portcullis. Looking for a way out, Corthen opens a secret door and finds a series of levers. He eventually moves them as needed and the party searches the manticore lair.

In another chamber the party finds the treasure of Chief Nosnra. Corthen counts and catalogs the treasure, and then has it packed into the portable hole. Having finished, the party, still disguised as drow return upstairs, to scare the other giants and make them believe the drow executed Nosnra. The party goes back to the hall outside the chief’s chamber. Some of the group start yelling and creating a ruckus to draw any guards to their location. Once several giants and ogres make their way to them, the party runs into the chief’s chamber and exit the room through the mirror’s gate to Waterdeep.



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