Guardians of the Past

24th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The 5 remaining members of the Circle of Valor; Corthen Nightglade, Silvaris Winterheart, Saedellas Nightstar, Erith Talvera, and Tellazar Hemzall meet to discuss the loss of Whitlowe. They all seem to desire to continue to search into Undermountain for the room on Turnoc’s map. Erith and Corthen talk about trying to recruit others to join them. After much discussion, the party agrees to look for at least one more skilled adventurer who can aid them in their delving into the dungeon below the city.

Saedellas plans on checking the spots mercenaries look for employment. Alone or in pairs they each set out to recruit a warrior or two for their party. At the Empty Keg, a tavern in the Castle Ward, Erith and Corthen meet a lone dwarven adventurer. His name is Uldred Watchever and he is a priest of Gorm. Corthen spends several hours discussing matters with the dwarf. Once finished, he sets out to inform the others.



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