Guardians of the Past

23rd of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The Horns

Two days out of Dultann the members of the Guardians of the Past arrive at the Horns, traveling through forest in the fog and rain. Ravens have been croaking in the forest of thick trees. The party searches the area look for secret compartments and writings upon the stone altar. Ayremyr chops a fallen tree off of the top of the grey stone altar. Corthen uses his wand of metal detection and searches for gold without success. He tries searching for steel; the wand points to the base of altar. Uldred, Ayremyr, Corthen and Rehs muscle the altar block from the base to find a niche underneath. In the 3’ deep pit Ayremyr recovers a longsword and a bone tube with two Raise Dead spells.

The heroes inspect the area around altar for other treasure and it turns to night when a translucent elf riding a spirit horse charges Samira, her lance misses, but she is trampled by the horse. The dead elf swings around to charge the others in the group when Tellazar casts a lightning bolt spell striking her. She releases a horrid sound which causes Uldred and Rehs to die in terror just from her scream. The survivors gather up their fallen comrades and pull back from the Horns and the dead elf before making a camp several miles away in this cursed forest. With such loss, the decision is made to place the dead in the portable hole and risk Erith taking them back to Waterdeep for Ressurection via his Helm of Teleportation.



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