Guardians of the Past

21st of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

Uldred casts a Repair Injury prayer upon Corthen in order to heal his injured leg. Corthen receives a note from Erith for everyone in the group to come to his house in the Castle Ward. The group gathers together and marches across the width of the city to Corthen’s former residence. The bard ushers his companions into his house and leads them to the dining room.

Standing waiting patiently are seven masked Lords of the city. Erith whispers to the others that when he awoke they were inside his house already and they asked to speak to the adventuring group. One of the Lords speaks and informs the group that they would like the party to perform a service for the City of Waterdeep. Samira asks what is it that they asking. Another Lord speaks up and says that the recent abductions in the city connected with the Drow temple in Undermountain is a large concern. The assembled Lords would like for the Guardians of the Past to locate any Drow strongholds on the first level of the Underhalls and defeat them and keep them from regaining a foothold so close to the surface and the city itself.

Corthen asks why the Lords they require the group to take action against the Drow. The Lords inform the party that they wish to drive the Drow out without having to reveal they are involved. The Lord states that otherwise they feel any escalation on the their part will result in a greater Drow invasion of the tunnels beneath the city and it could cause panic in the populace as well. A taller Lord says that the Guardians are a perfect force to deal with the Drow. They have already defeated a small force at their temple and since the group has many ties to the elven cultures, it would seem natural for them to want to face the evil Drow that make their home below.

Corthen asks what the party would gain in return for their service. The Lords of Waterdeep inform them that if they agree to hunt down the Drow they will be given information that they most likely do not possess. Intrigued by the offer, the group confers and agrees to accept the mission to drive the Drow out of the first level of Undermountain.

Once the party has accepted the mission, one Lord informs the party that their magic reveals that at least two different parties have been scrying the heroes for the last several months. This creates a stir among the party members and it takes awhile for everyone to regain their composure after this news. The Lords also hand over a partial map of the first level of Undermountain. Tellazar, Erith, and Corthen are thrilled with this since the map shows passages and rooms that they have not even come close to exploring.

Corthen speaks quietly with his companions about the Jester. Everyone agrees that he should inform the Lords. Corthen tells the Lords about how the party was accidently teleported through a gate in Undermountain to the Tomb of the Maiden King in Amphail. He also relates that during their exploration that the party accidently released the undead creature known simply as the Jester. Corthen tells them that the party has tried to permanently destroy the fool, but he seems to come back at the most ill suited times and has been a thorn in their side ever since.

Samira and Tellazar ask the Lords if they can tell them anything about magical properties regarding Halaster’s Halls. One Lord speaks and says that scrying, ESP, and Locate Object do not work there. He says that Teleport, Passwall, and Dimension Door spells will not work.

Corthen asks if there are any known places the group should avoid. He is told that they should not climb the Falling Stair. The elf asks the Lords if they know anything about a man or creature who was able to impersonate him while he was out of the city during the month of Tarsakh. Two of the Lords speak and inform Corthen that his imposter seemed to be throwing the lavish parties at this very house in order to meet a whole host of wealthy and influential people. Hundreds of Waterdhavians attended the constant fetes so it is unclear who or what the ultimate purpose was of his pretender.



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