Guardians of the Past

21st of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff


The heroes leave Ruddick and Garvis at the caves and return to the fortress of the hill giants. Erith once again uses his scroll of portals to open a passage into the keep at the pantry. Ayremyr discovers that the giants have repaired the broken door that Corthen broke the other day gaining entry to the lower level.

The party returns to the dungeons. Rehs scouts ahead and discovers a smithy and a torture chamber both occupied by fire giants. He returns and shares his findings with the group. Corthen leads to band to the smithy. The heroes attack the two fire giants. They are aided by one of the dwarf slaves who grabs a nearby weapon and he helps defeat the evil giants.

Rehs, Corthen, and Ayremyr work on freeing the chained dwarven prisoners. Erith and Samira speak to them and learn their names and where they hail from. Leshar, Kodal, Garedren, Mordan, Horgan, and Thorgrim were captured outside of Gnarlhelm and held in captivity for two years. The other dwarf, Kiersan Goldbeard, is a mercenary warrior and has been imprisoned for the last ten months.

The party decides they will help the dwarves by sending them home using their magical mirror. Corthen asks Erith to teleport to Waterdeep and open a gate to the smithy. The bard complies; everyone steps through the gate back to the City of Splendors. Tellazar has Kodal visualize the dwarves home and the six smiths thank the group and step through to Gnarlhelm. Kiersan offers to help the party fight the giants. He asks for an equal share of the treasure and the party quickly agrees.

Corthen opens a portal to the cave and sends Garvis back to Caer Callidyr. The elf offers the engineer Ruddick employment in Waterdeep. The grateful man agrees to terms and promises to aid in the repairs needed to Erith’s damaged home in the Castle Ward to start with. Several members go to the Riven Shield. Delborrgan sells Tellazar a dagger and a shield that are enchanted. The group takes the time to buy armor and equipment for Kiersan and Rithal.



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