Guardians of the Past

20th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Tellazar gathers all the loot taken from Undermountain to inspect items for enchantments. Using his identify spells he learns the dweomers of each piece that radiates under his spells. The scimitar taken from the water creature is a quick striking blade. It is awarded to Ayremyr since he carries few magical weapons into combat.

Corthen, Samira, and Tellazar make plans to pull out a large number of their gemstones from Mirt’s secure vaults for the auction set for tomorrow. They plan for Rehs to carry the gems while he is invisible with several guardian spells placed upon his person to protect him and the gemstones he will carry.

Corthen and Samira take Ayremyr to the Riven Shield. Corthen asks about the armor and weapons that he might have for sale. Delborggan shows off his treasures and informs Corthen that a fine suit of plate is for sale. He tells the elf that the armor was crafted for Borvon the Bold, King of Castgrar over three hundred winters ago. Corthen balks at the asking price and the trio leave the store empty-handed.



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