Guardians of the Past

1st of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

Night Attack

Shortly after midnight, the members on watch hear movement in the darkness. They quickly and quietly wake up the others. Suddenly with a throaty roar, armored men charge into view of the campfire light. The humans wield longswords and they hack at the heroes and Volo with much ferocity.

The Guardians fight back with swords and spells. They soon learn that armored priests of Cyric are in the back, behind a swarm of warriors. The fighting is bitter, the heroes are sorely pressed to repel the attacks of this group of enforcers working for the Dark Druidess. Uldred calls for reinforcements using his Dwarven Horn of Valhalla. Seven armored dwarves appear and join the battle helping the party. One of the Cyricist warriors is turned to their side with the use of a charm spell. The warrior cuts down several of his comrades in aiding the party.

The party emerges victorious, but Ayremyr suffers a serious wound to his right leg. Samira binds the wounded members of the party and she and Uldred exhaust their healing prayers. Before dawn the party hears the sound of a boots moving through the tall grass and the creaks of leather. Preparing for a second wave of the enemy, the adventurers are hailed before a group of twenty humans and elves come to the heroes’ camp.

The new group identifies themselves as Harpers. They ask if the may assist the group, since they have shared their allegiance as well. The leader of the Harper band is a woman named Sharantyr. She has her healers aid the party while she speaks with them. Corthen divulges that the Dark Druidess is on her way to the Great Grove. Alarmed at this news, the Harpers use magic to convey a message to another band led by Swiftsword. Corthen asks Sharantyr if she has heard news of the High King. The woman shakes her head no. Corthen tells her that he has word that the King is dead, fallen in battle. The Harper leader asks where the party came by such news and Ayremyr tells her Volo. The gathered Harpers give the heroes many black looks. They are unhappy that a rumormonger and loose-lipped writer is present and that the party has a charmed Cyricist in their midst hearing every word.

The Harpers suggest that the party travel with them to the Great Grove to stop the enemy. The young heroes agree, but state Ayremyr cannot walk with his wound. Sharantyr tasks her men to fashion a litter to carry the wounded elf on. The combined group of Harpers moves quickly to the West. They travel for most of the day, finally making camp at nightfall.



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