Guardians of the Past

1st of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

The Talking Dead

Samira has questioned the Northlander Ulbert and another of Dirtan Blackstone’s officers using the Spear of Lochal. She learns that Ulbert was a mercenary and fought for Blackstone just for the money. He knew that Blackstone wanted to employ more Northlanders for his army in his fight against the the forces loyal to the High Queen.

The dead officer, Naven Gullsroost, answers questions. Samira learns that Dirtan Blackstone had learned of great treasure being stored at Aithe Keep and that he wanted it to help buy mercenary soldiers from Calimshan and Northlanders from the Moonshaes. The party realizes that the great treasure that Blackstone sought is their plunder from the pirates that they had stored at the keep with Lord Cauldyth before his death.



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