Guardians of the Past

1st of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes return to Undermountain. Corthen wants to search the spider lair more thoroughly for secret doors or other hidden treasures. After going over the room, nothing new is found by the band. The party returns to the series of stone doors and begins a search of the chambers beyond.

In one room the the heroes find a room full of stacked and split firewood. Corthen is sure the wood is covering something much more valuable so he leads the effort to move the firewood out of the chamber. After several hours of work, the entire group has only earned sore backs and a few splinters for their work.

In another room Rehs discovers a 9′ × 9′ ornately framed painting hanging on the wall. The artwork appears to be enchanted as it has animated winking lights and soon the majority of the party stares at the art spellbound by its everchanging scene. Only Uldred, Erith, and Corthen have their senses, they begin to pull their friends away from the spellbinding painting when the ceiling drops down upon the party. The ceiling is actually a creature. It begins to crush the entire party trying to squeeze its victims to death.

The heroes fight back under the crushing bulk of the lurker above. Eventually Erith, Corthen, and the other members stab the creature to death before it is able kill any of the group. Uldred and Samira say plenty of healing prayers to cure the worst of the wounds from the attack. The party retreats to a nearby empty chamber and spike the door shut from the inside.



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