Guardians of the Past

19th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff

The Fortress

The heroes break camp come morning. They follow the tracks left by the giants who attacked the North Grove. Near Highsun the Guardians of the Past reach the foothills of the mountains to the North. The giants tracks connect to an established trail. Following it it several hours the group spies a structure on the horizon. Tellazar casts Fly upon Rehs and he flies upward to scout the nearby terrain.

While the rogue is airborne, Erith discovers a small cave entrance in the scrub growing upon the hillside. Rehs returns from his flying and reports that structure is one large building and is likely the home of the giants. The party decides that the cave should be investigated since it is so well hidden.

Rehs scouts forward, checking the cavern for hidden dangers and tripwires. The party explores the passages and checks several descending shafts that are not passable. A large chamber is discovered at the rear of the main passage. The party agrees that this cavern could be used as a base if needed while they reconnoiter the giant’s base.

Near twilight the party moves towards the giant camp. Clearly visible hundreds of yards away, the heroes see that the structure is a wooden fortress over two stories tall made of huge logs. A stockade connects two smaller structures to the main keep. A tower is evident on the other side, guarding the main entrance.

Ayremyr is loaned Reh’s ring. He turns invisible and spider climbs the stockade wall looking for an easier way into the keep. When he reaches the top of the palisade, the elf is spooked by the snarling of dozens of creatures! The courtyard is home to a pack of large worgs. Quickly retreating, Ayremyr returns to inform the group that the courtyard is not safe.

The party discusses several options, before settling on using Samira’s prayer to become etheral and walk through one side of the fortress. The group enters etherally. They see a sleeping area where two human women in rags lie on pallets. They next cross a kitchen area. The party discovers several hallways and a set of descending stairs before Samira’s spell expires. The party retreats to the hidden cave to use a Nap spell.

Revived and with spells replenished, the Guardians return to the lair of the giants. Becoming etheral once more, the group scouts the stairs leading below. They pass through stone walls and several chambers before discovering a prison cell holding a male elf. Ending the spell, the party surprises the dazed elf. Corthen promises him that they will return to rescue him. Several others are unwilling to leave the wounded elf to the mistreatment of the evil giants. It is decided that the party and the elf, Rithal Yaltharion, will use Samira’s etheral prayer to escape and that Erith will sneak out of the keep using his Invisibility spell.

The group follows their plan and return to the cave with Erith rejoining them shortly. At the caves, the party starts a fire and Samira tends to the wounded Rithal. Corthen questions the male elf on his captors and how he came to be there. The grateful elf shares his story. He tells the group that he hails from the elven home of Evermeet and that he is the only survivor of a shipwreck that was driven ashore in the Northern reaches of Alaron. Rithal says that he was soon captured by a band of hill giants and bugbears and has been imprisoned for nearly eight months. He thanks the party for his rescue. In return, he pledges to serve Corthen for one year since he owes him his life. Corthen tries to shrug off Rithal’s offer, but the elf refuses and demands that he accept his service. The party lends the elf armor and weapons before setting watches for the night and discussing plans to return to fight the hill giants.



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