Guardians of the Past

19th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

The entire adventuring party is briefed on the meeting with Geth Stormlight yesterday evening at the Dripping Dagger. Corthen explains that the mission they have been hired for is recover items stolen from the Moonstar Villa in Waterdeep. Geth has asked for discretion to keep the elderly Moonstars from learning that a family heirloom has been stolen from the residence. Saedellas explains that if the party can find the items before the Sea Festival, Rober Moonstar will be able to display the family sextant during the Moonstar Sea Festival celebration and will be still be the heir to lead the family in the future. Saedellas hands out written descriptions of the missing items and tells his friends that they should split up into small groups and try and to locate the stolen goods.

Corthen and Saedellas go to the Temple of Oghma to speak with Geth. Corthen asks Geth if he can get them into the Moonstar Villa so that they can look for clues at the scene of the crime. The scholar tells the elves that he cannot take them to the Moonstar Villa without Rober’s Uncle learning of it and likely finding out about the missing sextant. He tells them that they will have to find another way to recover the items without a trip to the Moonstar residence.

Silvaris, Uldred and Cortonas go to Felzoun’s Folly. Silvaris’ tells the the two that his street contact in the city has told him that Heljara at Felzoun’s sells information. Uldred tells Felzoun that he is looking for Heljara. The tavern owner points to a female in the back of the dark taproom. The trio approach the dwarven female and ask her if they may join her. She grants them a seat. Silvaris asks her if she has information about missing items. He states they are looking specific items recently lost in the city. One of the items is a sextant. Heljara flirts with Cortonas. He turns bright red and tries to excuse himself by leaving the table. The female dwarf cautiously says she may know something, but cannot recall anything. Silvaris finally catches on that she wants to paid before she talks further. Cortonas and Uldred are confused by the conversation but eventually Silvaris slides 10 gold coins on the table for some information. She tells them to check out Saku at the Crawling Spider. Heljara winks at Cortonas and asks him if he wants to stay and keep her company while the others go see Saku. She tells him that she can think of several things they can do to stay busy while his friends are gone. The human rogue stutters something and walks away fast nearly tripping up the stairs to the street.

Returning to the manor house, Cortonas informs the others that he will stay behind here to relay messages to the groups going out. Nolia joins Silvaris and Uldred for a trip to the Crawling Spider Tavern in the Castle Ward. Silvaris goes in first by himself. The taproom is busy with revelers celebrating Fleetswake. Silvaris orders a drink and bribes the bartender to learn if Saku is there. The barkeep points him to a hearty half-orc dressed in dark blue. The trio approach Saku. They ask him if they can buy him a drink and talk. The boisterous half-orc accepts their offer. Silvaris does the talking. He slips some of his trade tongue into the conversation to see if he can learn if Saku knows the cant of thieves. The half-orc smiles displaying his tusks. He replies to the elven rogue in thieves cant telling him that he will do business with them if they best him in a match of arm wrestling.

Silvaris explains to the dwarf what was said. Uldred accepts the challenge and he beats Saku at arm wrestling. Saku tells that there is an elf in a yellow cloak in the back who may know something or he says to try Feldar’s Pawnshop. Nolia approaches the moon elf in the back of the taproom. He is drinking wine. Nolia asks him if he she can buy information. The elf looks at her suspiciously and tells her that he is neither a fence nor a broker. Silvaris tells Saku that if he hears anything he should leave a message at the Dripping Dagger for him.

Uldred goes to the Brass Boat pawn shop to look for the items. He talks with Yanna, the owner. He does not find any of the stolen items and Yanna seems to be repesctable from their talk. Silvaris and Nolia go back to Felzoun’s Folly. Heljara flirts with Silvaris. Silvaris puts his hand on her leg. The information broker teases the elf not to start something he isn’t prepared to finish.



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