Guardians of the Past

18th of Mirtul 1366 Year of the Staff

In the middle of the night, Uldred wakes to intruders in the room. He bellows an alarm awaking his three friends sharing the room and some of the others next door. When Corthen charges into the room from next door his flaming sword illuminates several giant ratmen fleeing the room to the privy.

The party engages the wererats who begin running. Several of the lycanthropes escape down the privy shaft with some of the party’s small items of magic and wealth. The party alerts the keep’s forces who search for the wererats. Finding them long gone, the party descends into the sewers in an attempt to find the thieves and the missing goods.

The party wanders beneath the streets of Aithe for hours without success. Turned around and wandering the maze of tunnels the group is surprised by a band of undead shadows. Surviving the encounter, the party believes the wererats have fled out an exit into a nearby stream. Several members wish to pursue the wererats for stealing enchanted daggers, cloaks, and wands. The group finally narrowly decides to complete their training before looking for the lycanthropes.



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