Guardians of the Past

16th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff


Between dawn and Highsun the Guardians of the Past arrive at the despoiled North Grove of Chauntea. The tainted moonwell is covered with a dark mist like the fallen Great Grove of Gwynneth. The decaying remains of the fallen guardians lie scattered about the torn earth untouched by scavengers.

Corthen locates the point of attack and a broken path to the north likely made by the attackers. Samira uses the Spear of Lochal to converse with the spirit of an elderly woman whose broken corpse lies among the dead. The Mystran priestess learns that the woman was the Grand Druidess of Chauntea.

Samira speaks to the others and everyone agrees that they should use their staff of resurrection to bring her back. Samira uses the staff bring the druids back to life. The druids thank the party and introduce themselves. The Grand Druidess is Elanna Greensap. The other druidess is Hergela Snaptooth, her husband a druid as well is named Savin Snaptooth. The other druid is Garderin Mistmoor.

The druids tell the heroes that they were overwhelmed by an army of giants and the Cyricists who led the assault. Corthen offers to help them guard the other groves in danger. Elanna asks the adventurers if they will attempt to recover the staff that she had carried. It is the holy Staff of Chauntea. It is described as a bark covered ash staff crowned with branches and leaves. It is living without being physically connected to the earth.

Elanna Greensap promises that should the party recover the holy staff that she will be able to repair the moonwell and that she will allow each hero to place an enchanted item into the waters of the moonwell which will increase the number of times the item may be used.

Garderin speaks up and informs the party that the giants were being directed by a dark llewyrr. The party knows now that the drow are aiding the Dark Druidess in her campaign against Chauntea and the High Queen. After assisting in the burial of the fallen Harpers, Elanna informs the party that she wishes to aid the other druids in the guardianship of the remaining groves. She informs Samira that should they win back the staff, they can contact the Chauntean priest Elden in Caer Callidyr. The druids shapechange into great hawks and fly off leaving the party to champion the fight against the evil unleashed on the land. Corthen leads the party north following the trail left by the giants.



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