Guardians of the Past

14th of Marpenoth 1366 Year of the Staff

How to Survive in the Port of Shadows

The Guardians of the Past invite the Huntresses to Corthen’s home in the North Ward. The group led by Corthen is eager to learn about Skullport. Zorneeda and Terleeza share that they have been to the port twice. Zorneeda explains that once their band was teleported to the the third level and they wandered through monster lair after lair until finally stumbling into the confines the pirate port. Terleeza says that they returned on ship a year later to retrieve an item stolen from a noble villa . Terleeza shares they were able to buy the item back from the fence in Skullport.

Corthen asks what Skullport is like. Zorneeda shares that it a crowded huge cavern containing a mixture of stone, and salvaged wood buildings some built on top of another. The female mage continues. She says that Skullport is neutral territory. All races and all creatures are welcome in Skullport as long as there is no bloodshed. Anyone caught disrupting the trade here with face the power of the Skulls.

Intrigued, Tellazar asks the Huntresses about the Skulls. Parthia speaks up and says that skulls are some ancient human skulls that when provoked come swarming offenders and blasting them with powerful magic. She says that one must not stir up trouble, lest they be blasted to dust by the power of the floating skulls. Zorneeda says that slavery, poison, and all other kinds of illegal activity are legal in Skullport.

Corthen asks if it is safe to sleep anywhere in Skullport. Flaseen speaks and says that the Burning Troll Inn is a good place, run by retired adventurers. The heroes run out of questions, so some of them decide to make a trip to the Riven Shield. Ayremyr is eager to see if Delborggan has any new magical weapons for sale. The elf is disappointed. The merchant states that a group keeps coming in and buying everything when it comes in. Intrigued, Corthen asks about the men. Delborggan says that he has no names, but two of the men have Moonshavian accents. Corthen thanks the owner and the group returns to the North Ward and waits for their trip to Skullport.



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