Guardians of the Past

14th of Elient 1366 Year of the Staff


After a quiet night, the heroes wake and continue their journey. Near Highsun Corthen sees the faint wisps of smoke through the treetops below.

Rehs scouts the area below using his invisibility ring. He finds a small village where he sees children playing outside. He notices that the structures are built in a different style that that of the ffolk of the Moonshaes. He realizes that the village is that of the fierce Northlander culture of the islands. Rehs scouts further moving invisibly through the village.

Halfway through, the rogue is startled by several dogs that begin growling and barking. Six large men come out of the wooden homes and they are grabbing weapons and yelling in their native tongue while the terrified children flee for the safety of their homes. Rehs can see that the Northlanders are angry and confused and very cautious due to the dogs being triggered by the unseen thief fleeing their village.

Rehs runs back to the others and urges them to avoid the path into the village and suggests that everyone make haste into the forest with him. Hearing close pursuit the party is set upon by two dogs from the village. The heroes quickly paralyze the war dogs and continue their flight. A short time later the group hears a horn sound behind them and they continue to move as fast as they can from the Northlanders as they can the rest of the day and on through the night after they regain the path many miles away from the village.



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