Guardians of the Past

13th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party led by Clammas and Varnella travel across the open lands towards the mountains that guard and protect the elven land of Evereska. Cresting a small berm near evening, the party and their two elven escorts are met suddenly by a contingent of gold and moon elves. Clammas identifies himself and shares with the patrol that they are heading to the Halfway Inn. He assures the commander of the patrol, Thyimas Roethlindar, that the party rescued Varnella and himself from certain doom and that they have something important with them that must be protected.

The 25 elf patrol agrees to protect the travelers and make sure they reach safety once Clammas and Thyimas speak alone. The elves welcome the adventurers to their camp and Erith shares songs and stories with his new audience.



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