Guardians of the Past

13th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar finishes with the identifications of the bows. Silvaris, Corthen, Erith, and Vilnullas go shopping at various shops in the city. Corthen is seeking to gain general information of the city and learn more about the city’s history. The group visits Dandalus “Fire Eye” Ruelle. He is the proprietor of the Old Xoblob Shop which is named for the stuffed beholder that decorates the establishment. Corthen learns that Dandalus killed the beholder by himself in Tashluta.

The quartet make their way to the Beer Golem Tavern in the Adventurer’s Quarter of the South Ward. Quallos Myntion is the proprietor and his homebrew is called Golden Banks Lager. Corthen talks with Quallos and learns of a nearby shop that piques the elven warrior’s interest.

Corthen leads his companions down the street to a shop, Essimuth’s Equipment, that sells miscellaneous adventure gear. The shoppers talk to Essimuth Lanys, the owner. He has a patch covering his right eye and has a pegleg from his right knee down. Corthen learns he is an ex-adventurer. He was a member of the Knights of the Sword Coast, a retired group based from Waterdeep. Corthen asks Essimuth if he has ever ventured into Undermountain. The shopkeeper admits that he has; he states that an owlbear in Halaster’s Halls jumped out of a niche and mauled him while he was scouting for his party. When asked, he states that it was on the 6th level down in Undermountain.

Corthen asks Essimuth if he can aid him in getting some guards for his house and Saedellas who is also buying a house. Essimuth is puzzled at why the heroes continue adventuring when they obviously have enough wealth to retire from the adventuring life and live very well. Corthen admits that several members of the party are seeking hidden magic somehwere in Undermountain. Essimuth tells Corthen and Saedellas that he can speak to a friend who can get them trustworthy guards for their abodes. Corthen and the shopkeeper discuss some more about his days in Undermountain and he tells quartet where the descending stairs to the 2nd level of Undermountain are. The heroes thank Essimuth and depart.

The quartet visit the Bowels of the Earth Tavern. At the Bowels of the Earth Corthen learns of a wizard who is known to brew potions. He decides to find the mage named Kappiyan who makes potions but is really hard to deal with. Corthen leads the others to the mage’s home. The elf speaks to the old wizard, but walks away empty handed when he irritates the old man and is asked to leave by the wizard’s young female apprentice.



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