Guardians of the Past

The Guardians of the Past have spent the last two days healing and making an attempt to speak to the spirit of the dead Fire Giant killed in the their last battle. Samira tried but was unable to get him to communicate.

The group is gathered at Corthen’s manse for morningfeast, when there is a knock at the door. Corthen’s servant, Bared, informs him that he has a guest. Corthen walks to the foyer and sees a familiar face, his friend Saedellas Nightstar. The two elves greet one another and soon the entire party comes in to rejoice about his return to Waterdeep.

Corthen inquires as to his visit. Saedellas shares that he had completed his tour at Sunset Keep and he had desired to visit old friends once again in the City of Splendors. He states that when he arrived, he immediately discovered that his home in the South Ward was gone, destroyed by some unknown force. He says he looked around and could not find his friends, so he went into Undermountain seeking them out.

The elven priest goes on to relate while there he encountered a mixed band of haughty elves , half elves and halflings. He traveled with them for awhile for mutual benefit. Saedellas became concerned about their motives when each encounter with humans either nearly ended in violence or it did result in death. Saedellas was shocked when the group entered a chamber and basically executed a lone human in leathers. Saedellas goes on that he and one of the friendly halflings were able to remove the human and take him back to the city in and to the temple of his faith.

Corthen relates to the priest that his home was destroyed by creatures in the service of an unknown spellcaster, bent on pillaging their gathered magic. He then regales his friend with their recent exploits in the Moonshaes and against the giants. Saedellas then shares that while he and the evil elves were exploring Undermountain that they were able to spy a large number of drow and Fire Giants travel through several chambers before making a human sacrifice at the drow temple and opening a gate and traveling through it. Corthen is in shock! He comes to the realization that the drow who are allied with the Dark Druidess are the same drow also plaguing Undermountain.

The group moves into action. Samira takes out the Spear of Lochal and attempts to commune with the dead Fire Giant in drow tongue. She first asks, “how can we meet Eclavdra?” He responds, “One comes when one is summoned.” She asks, “Where do you get summoned to?” The giant answers, “To the spider temple.” Samira continues, “Where is this temple?” His repsonse is, “Near the river.”

Samira continues and inquires as to the name of the river. “The River Sargauth.” The priestess of Mystra asks, “Where is this river?” The Fire Giant answers. He tells her that it is underground in the caverns. Samira asks if the caverns he speaks of have a name. The giant says, “The elves call it Zaress Zauvazzah.” Samira translates the name to Dark Victory. She asks, “how does one reach the spider temple from Waterdeep?” “I don’t know”, he retorts. She asks, “how would one get there from the ice caverns of the Frost Giant Jarl.”
His response is through the gateway. Samira asks him about the full path all the way to the ice caverns. The Fire Giant answers, "it is six days travel across the glacier from the Jarl’s caverns to the cavern where the gateway is located. Traveling through the gateway, there are 15 days of travel to the 2nd gate. This leads to the drow temple area. Samira asks if Eclavdra has the druidic staff. The giant doesn’t know.

Erith informs the party that the River Sarguath is said to wind through deeper levels of Undermountain. The group discusses plans of action. Saedellas asks if Samira can help the human that the elven adventurers murdered. He shares he thinks he was a druid. The group discusses this and grants access to the rod of resurrection. Saedellas travels to the temple where the druid has been taken to. He uses the rod, and the man is made whole.

Saedellas apologizes to the human before anyone else speaks. He shares that he was not friends with the evil natured elves who killed him in Undermountain. The human speaks and accepts the elven priest’s story. He shares that his name is Gareth Wildwolf, a Guardian of the Neverwinter Wood. Saedellas asks him some questions and learns he is a ranger, not a druid and that he was teleported into some horrid maze. He shares that he had discovered several sets of stairs and kept moving up searching for an exit. Talking, the two discover that Gareth had survived from the deeper levels of Undermountain for 7 months.

Corthen is happy and wishes to celebrate Saedellas’ return in the grand style of “the false Corthen Nightglade”. He talks his friends into joining him at Mother Tathlorn’s House of Pleasure and Healing. Putting on their finery the group travels to Gem Street in the Castle Ward. Corthen is greeted by the staff as if they know him. Everyone realizes this is from the person who was able to impersonate Corthen for some time in the city before he uncovered the activity.

Parrin, one of the staff, introduces the party to a number of attractive hosts. The ladies, Vie, a human with flame red hair; Doryne, an attractive half-elf wearing a faerie costume; Shelog, a sea elf; Silvanna, a moon elf beauty with silver hair; Sunny, a tall blonde with green eyes; Berry, a lithe brunette; and Esta, an attractive blonde with dark eyes.

The group parties. They drink, dance, and gamble. Before long, some of the party departs the lounge. Erith departs first with Silvanna. Corthen tries to get Tellazar to find a companion to comfort him, but the mage refuses to do more than eat and sip some wine. Saedellas seeks the company of Vie. Rehs giggles as Doryne whispers to him. He soon departs up the stairs with her. Ayremyr leaves with Sunny. Rithil and Berry leave. Corthen says goodbye to Samira, Kiersan, and Tellazar and he wobbles upstairs with Esta and Shelog. Corthen spends 115 gold coins for drinks for the entire group. The pleasure lasses cost 490 gold for the night. Corthen is generous and tips each lass 100 gold coins for their time.



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