Guardians of the Past

11th of Flamerule 1366 Year of the Staff

Shopping in the City of Splendors

Ayremyr grows bored hanging out at the Elfstone Tavern and goes walking about the city. A chance encounter with the city watch and the elf ends up inquiring about buying potions. The watch commander informs him that if he is looking for draughts that he should seek Kappiyan Flurmastyr, a potion maker in the South Ward off Anchoret Court.

Meanwhile, Rehs begins searching Waterdeep for a shop or warehouse for sale in Waterdeep. His plans are to find a suitable property that he can use as a residence and a business.

Corthen, Erith, and Samira approach Stromquil Halazar to inquire about having some gems cut. The proprietor of Halazar’s Fine Gems examines the uncut rubies that the Guardians of the Past liberated from the wizard who served the Dark Druidess. Stromquil agrees to accept the assignment and he negotiates a price for his services from the trio.

Ayremyr locates the residence of Kappiyan in the South Ward. He initially bungles his intent with the wizard’s servitor creatures and his apprentice, Shalara Malarkkin. He leaves empty handed. Upon talking to his comrades, Erith agrees to accompany him and smooth everything over on his behalf.

Returning to Anchoret Court, Ayremyr is able to meet Kappiyan Flurmastyr, an elderly human mage who creates potions sporadically when it suits him and sells some to fund his researches. Kappiyan asks Ayremyr if he is an adventurer. The young elf warrior states that he is. The mage asks him if he faced the Blue Alley. Ayremyr admits he knows nothing of it but he asks the potion mage where it lies.

Kappiyan informs him that the Blue Alley lies in the city’s Sea Ward. He shares that it was created by a outlander mage who enjoyed watching others attempt to defeat his defenses and win his magic. The mage offers several potions to the elf who buys a Sweetwater draught and two potions of Vitality.



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