Guardians of the Past

11th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff

Does It Come With A Pointy Hat?

After speaking to Tellazar, Corthen agrees to travel back to Nain’s and make a payment to the mage for a set of enchanted robes to be made.

Corthen travels to Nain’s tower along with Ayremyr. He tells Nain that they have a deal for the robes that he has agreed to craft. He gives the former adventurer a number of valuable gemstones as payment. Corthen asks when can he expect the robes to be completed and he is told in the middle of Ches 1367.

Back at Corthen’s manor, Samira has removed the remains of Lord Blackstone from the portable hole. She casts a Speak with Dead spell upon him and she tries to question him about the Dark Druidess. The spirit of the Baron laughs and throws very crude remarks back at the priestess of Mystra.



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