Guardians of the Past

10th of Eleasias 1366 Year of the Staff

Mages for Hire

Corthen, Ayremyr, and Rehs pursue the list of names given to Tellazar. Ayremyr tells them that Kappiyan’s focus is on magical potions, so they strike him from their search. The trio sets off in the morning. The three adventurers travel to the Wands noble villa. The gate guards ask Corthen if he has an appointment and he admits that he does not but he would like to speak to Maskar Wands if he could. Eventually the elven warrior meets with Darevin Cullis, the scribe who handles appointments for the Lord Wands. He makes some notes about what the meeting is for and tells them that he will send a runner when Lord Wands can meet with the heroes.

Rehs leads them to Naingate, the tower of the wizard Nain Keenwhistler. The tower is surrounded by a walled garden with a single gate piercing the wall. Ringing the entry bell at the gate elicits a voice from the gate. Corthen gives his name and says he is seeking to have some enchantments cast for the right price. The disembodied voice is extremely friendly and tells Corthen to come in and that he is glad to hear from him again.

The elf looks to Ayremyr and Rehs but no one can figure out what is going on, so they slowly open the gate and walk up the flagstone walk to Nain’s tower. Once inside the middle-aged wizard greets Corthen like family. It soon becomes clear that Nain has met Corthen’s playboy alter ego, the “Other Corthen Nightglade”.

Nain jokes and teases Corthen and asks him why is trying to enchant robes when he spends most of his time in bed with the ladies of Waterdeep. The elven warrior tells Nain that they are for a wizard that he owes for past favors and he made a promise to get the robes. Nain discusses that the robes will be costly and take months to complete but if they can meet his price, he will gladly handle the crafting. Corthen tells him that they will check back with the wizard in question before they make the final transaction.

The three approach the dragon shaped tower of the wizard Maaril in the Sea Ward but they receive no responses to their knocks at his door. They find a note near the door that states that Maaril is engaged in studies and not to disturb him before the end of Eleasias. Rehs urges the two elves to leave immediately before their knocking results in them becoming frogs!

Corthen decides not to risk pissing off Savengriff since he and Nain are former comrades from their adventuring days. He suggests they wait to hear back from Lord Wands before making a decision to go with Nain’s offer or not.



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