Guardians of the Past

11th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The party refreshed from a night’s rest proceed to explore the area of Undermountain around them. The next chamber explored reveals a stone block table 10’ long, 6’ wide, and 4’ high. resting on it is an iron coffer. Four stone doors line the walls of the dungeon room. Rehs inspects the iron coffer and learns that it is locked. He checks for traps and finds none. Carefully he picks the lock on the box before opening it. When he does he does a puff of greenish gas spurts from the open coffer. Rehs gags and tries to get far away from the stone table. Nothing else happens; Corthen goes up and looks inside and finds seven irregularly shaped finger bones of some age. Tellazar indicates that the bones radiate magic, so the party secures the coffer. Suddenly the table begins sinking into the floor, panicking the entire party. The group retreats out of the room into the hallway waiting for some horrible explosion or summoning of demons but nothing happens for quite some time before the group musters the courage to re-enter the room.

Rehs chooses to inspect the eastern door for traps. Finding none, he has Vilnullas open it. After passing through several turning hallways the party enters a pillared hall. Lying on the shiny marble floor the party finds four corpses pierced by many black arrows. As the group moves closer, two shadowy forms move out from the pillars and growl menacingly.

The growls come from two wolves who stand close to the bodies keeping the party from examining the dead adventurers. The party realizes the wolves are protecting the dead and decide to try and befriend them rather than attack them or drive them off. Tellazar suggests someone feed them. The group decides Erith should try since he has normal food, not the dried rations everyone else is carrying. The bard tosses out some sausages and cheese while talking soothingly to the two wolves. Both of the beasts quickly snatch up the food and eat it. Soon the bard has befriended both of the female wolves and the party is finally able to search the dead.

Corthen and Rehs look over the four human corpses. They appear to be two warriors, a rogue, and a female priestess. The woman wears a headdress of stag antlers and carries a staff with a quartz crystal on its end. Corthen strips the weapons and useful items from the group.

Suddenly Tellazar lets out a small yelp. Everyone turns to the mage fearing an attack, but the young mage is waving the map around and pointing to it excitedly saying, “This is it, this is it! We found it!” Once he calms down he shares that the room they are in, matches the treasure map left behind by Turnoc Redleaf two years ago.

The group is happy and quietly celebrate their luck. They spread out searching for a keyhole to unlock the hidden treasure vault. Vilnullas finds the keyhole on the base of one of the pillars. Corthen Nightglade places the key into the lock and turns it. A grinding of stones can be heard and a staircase in the floor is revealed between the two pillars.

Corthen, Erith, and Rehs descend the newly appeared stairs down into the vault below. Here the party discovers one large iron bound chest. The thief inspects it and declares it is free of traps. Corthen gives him a questioning look before opening the strongbox. Inside the party finds armor, a gold shield, a scroll case, several glass bottles, a black cap, and 24 Red Tear gemstones.

The group removes the chest and brings it out of the hidden chamber. Tellazar inspects the find and informs the group that the armor, hat, scroll, and two bottles of liquid are magical. Corthen turns the key back and the stairway closes again. In an adjoining chamber the parties finds two more corpses. Corthen inspects both humans but finds no treasure on the dead men.

The party travels east trying to discover an passage linking back to known areas near the entry well. In a room that is almost dark even when the party introduces light. The heroes carefully search the gloom and find a dead female moon elf with two crossbow bolts in her side. Samira decides to try and return her body to Waterdeep for identification and burial.

The party soon has passed quickly through several empty chambers and have linked up to the other side of their map. The adventurers bang upon the shields and wait to be pulled up. Corthen and Erith rig a sling to hoist out the two wolves. Samira turns over the young elf woman’s body to Lamris of Tymora. The party leaves the inn and retire to their respective homes.



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