Guardians of the Past

11th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The party returns to the city of Waterdeep. Corthen rides straight to the Elfstone Tavern to see his girlfriend, Neereena Stormcrown. He tries speaking with the young elf woman but she claims to be too busy to talk to him. The elven warrior asks Yaereene if something is troubling the gold elf. The proprietress finally informs Corthen that Neereena knows all about the parties at his home and his escapades at the festhalls and at his residence in recent days have made him a household name in the city. She says that Neereena is hurt. She says that the young woman felt a special bond to him and she feels betrayed by his wild partying and bedding of so many ladies in the past weeks.

Corthen is shocked. He tells Lady Yaereene that he and his friends have been gone from the city for weeks and that he returned just today. He tells the owner of the tavern that Lord Hawkwinter and his friends can vouch for him. He tells her that the group was recently in Laughing Hollow and were guests of King Melandrach, the elven lord there. Yaereene tells Corthen that the stories in the city say that he has been hosting parties at his home in the Castle Ward and there must be some truth to the gossip.

Corthen rushes out of the tavern and back to his home. Upon entering his residence, he discovers several drunken humans of both sexes laying about the place. His house is decorated much like a festhall with sheer silk draperies, hundreds of plump pillows litter the floor and the house is decorated with numerous marble statues of nudes couples joined together in various acts. The elf is flabberghasted. Several more revelers enter the house as he is taking the scene in. One voluptuous woman greets Corthen with a kiss and tries to get him to go upstairs with her. The elven warrior is confused, the guests in his house seem to recognize him and know who he is, but he doesn’t know any of them.

Corthen travels to Silvaris’ home to speak to his friends. He tells them what has happened. The group returns to Corthen’s house and is shocked by its appearance. Before the party left the city, the moon elf had barely furnished the house with more than several pieces of furniture and a bed. Now it was covered with red silks and seductive artwork. Corthen decides to go to the local watchpost and report a crime. He speaks to the Watch Amar and informs him that he wishes to report somene has broken into his home and now people are having parties in his residence. The Amar scoffs at Corthen’s tale. The Amar says that the watch has been called to his house several times because of the loud noises at night and have personally warned him. He says that the next time he would be called before a Magister and fines would be levied.

An indignant Corthen proclaims his innocence and swears that he and his closest companions have been east of Daggerford in the service of Lord Hawkwinter. Silvaris goes and gets Lord Hawkwinter to vouch for Corthen. The two return a short time later, and Eremoes informs the City Watch that Corthen has not been hosting any parties in the Castle Ward. He says that Corthen has been serving him on his business selling horses. The Watch Amar is satisfied with the alibi, and agrees to send a patrol to Corthen’s home investigate the alleged break in and impersonation.

The Amar questions the partygoers present and sends them on their way when he is done. Corthen posts a notice upon his door after more guests show up later for another night of debauchery at his home. The notice informs guests to go home and that no more parties will be held at the house henceforth.

Erith, Nolia, and Tellazar stay the night with their upset friend. They help him keep an eye out for anyone trying to sneak into the house since it appears that somehwere in the city an imposter has been holding feasts and wild drunken masquerades and spending money all across the city.



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