Guardians of the Past

8th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave (Part I)

During the morning Saedellas and Uldred go shopping to buy some augury stones. They eventually make their way to the Old Xoblob Shop in the Dock Ward where they meet Dandalus “Fire Eye” Ruelle. Uldred asks the shopkeeper where he bought his stuffed beholder from. Dandalus tells the two priests that he didn’t buy Xoblob, he says that he defeated him singlehandedly in Tashluta. The priests purchase their augury stones and thank the storekeeper not completely sure if Dandalus is speaking the truth but not wishing to question a man who can tangle with an eye tyrant and come out on top.

In the late afternoon, Uldred walks through the busy streets of the Trades Ward and locates Felzoun’s Folly tavern. The tavern’s signpost depicts a dwarf holding a battleaxe precariously balanced on a rolling keg. A set of stone steps leads down to a broad scarred oaken door. Uldred descends the stairs and hears frivolity from the outside of the door. It sounds as if a group of dwarves are lustily singing a drinking song.

Upon opening the door, the strong odor of ale wafts out from the dimly lit room beyond. Uldred can see nearly two dozen dwarves seated at tables all around the room. He also sees several gnomes and one human there as well. A tall dwarf with a long black braided beard wearing an apron steps forward. In dwarven he says, “Welcome, son of Moradin. May your clan axes be always sharp.” The dwarf clasps Uldred’s right forearm in traditional dwarven greeting and continues. “I am Felzoun Darkiron, and you are welcome in my establishment.”
Uldred replies, "Well met Felzoun, I am Uldred Watchever of the Nether Mountains, Barakor of Gorm.”

Uldred finds a table and takes a seat. Felzoun offers to bring him a snack plate of fried deepmoss and a jack of good dwarven ale. While eating, the Barakor of Gorm looks around to see if he can find anyone that would be a suitable date or entertainers. He mentions to Felzoun that he is looking for a few entertainers and asks if Felzoun knows of any. His reply, “I know some musicians. Why do you ask?”

Uldred says, “I am attending the Hawkwinter costume ball and I am looking for some entertainers to take with me. I figured there would be no finer entertainment than fine dwarven song."

Felzoun strokes his beard for a moment, deep in thought. “Hrrmmph, I’m a orc if those nobles serve anything close a real ale at their fancy dinner party. Not my choice. I’d rather spend a night teaching a goblin how to count,” Felzoun laughs. “If ya are looking for entertainers, some of the lads here might be willing to serve ya singing some fine ballads. Ya might need to offer them a trade for their service. If ya want I’ll ask if any want to help ya, and ya can come back here and buy them some drinks the night following.”

The dwarves continue singing another round of ‘The Shields of High Shanatar’ as Uldred sits enjoying his meal. He scans the room of dwarves looking to see any female dwarves. There are a total of five lady dwarves. Two of them are older and appear to be mated to their companions. Three others are younger and are possibly available. "Also, I am in need of a date, what of those 3 fine ladies?” He motions to the three ladies and ask if they are spoken for.

Felzoun looks to the three dwarven ladies. He squints for a moment. "The blonde is Ranckura Hardlock, locksmith of Clan Rockfist. She is not betrothed yet. The one wearing a brown cloak is Embra, a caravan guard from Citadel Adbar. The other pretty lass surrounded by the lonely group of dwarf-males and the empty drinking jacks is Teshura Strongshield, daughter of Tholm “Stormaxe” Strongshield. She is chip of the same stone as Stormaxe, I tell ya. She can outdrink and outfight any of those souls."

“I think each lass could be a fine escort for ya. It comes down to your desire, Uldred. I’d be much pleased to introduce ya to one, if ya like.”

“Hmmmm…. I think if ale is what they want, I can work something out,” Uldred replies. “I need to talk to them first of course. But to more important matters, I think this Embra looks to be more my style. Maybe you could introduce us. Her being a guard is perfect for me. I will handle the entertainment after the escort.”

Felzoun leads over to where Embra is seated. He says, “Pardon, Embra. May we have a bit of your time? I would like to make an introduction. This is Uldred Watchever of the Nether Mountains, Barakor of Gorm.” Embra stands and clasps the dwarf’s forearm in the traditional greeting. She offers Uldred a seat at her table before sitting again. Felzoun walks back to his bar leaving Uldred alone with Embra. She looks to him and asks, “Barakor, how may I serve Gorm today?”

Uldred asks, “Would you like a drink or something to eat while we talk? Embra replies, “My thanks Uldred, but I am fine.” “I hear you are in the protecting business yourself, tell me how a fine looking lady such as yourself became a guard. It is a very respectable profession in my opinion,” the dwarven priest responds.

Embra says, "Yes, I am employed as a caravan guard by the High Road Trading Coster. I do pay my respects to Gorm, if you are wondering, as well as Clangeddin when I can find a shrine when I am traveling. I am just not sure why you have come to me, will you be so kind as to get down to the copper coins. Are you here to court me?” she asks.

Uldred looks at the pretty dwarven lady sheepishly. “Well, to get to the point. I have been invited to the annual Hawkwinter costume ball and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of accompanying me as my date,” he asks.

Embra looks you over for a moment before asking, “Why me, Uldred of Gorm? I am not ahh… schooled in the refined customs of humans. I know weapons and armor, and how to make a tasty stew on the trail, and how to treat battle wounds. I am a simple warrior. I have no grandiose thoughts that I am a long lost princess from Tethyamar. I feel I will fit in at your noble party about as well as a lump of coal in a jewelry box.” She continues, “If this is important to you Barakor, I will accompany you… if it is still your wish.”

Uldred smiles. “It is for those exact reasons that I chose you,” he says. “I was looking for someone that I could have something in common with while I was there. You see, I am part of an adventuring party named the Circle of Valor and I think they would be disappointed if I did not go. I was merely looking for some companionship while I was attending this spit and polish event. I do not wish to make you feel uncomfortable, so if you do not wish to go, I will not try to convince you,” Uldred says. “I will honor and respect your wishes. However, either way I would be grateful if we could spend the rest of this evening here in this tavern discussing our adventures and accomplishments. Come, let us eat, drink, and be merry. If you don’t mind though, I have a little other business to take care of here before any of them leave.”

Embra gives the other dwarf a smile. “Uldred, I would be happy to go. My greatest fear was that I would disappoint you. You have put those fears of to rest. Please take care of whatever business you need to; I shall sit here waiting your return.”



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