Guardians of the Past

26th of Mirtul 1364 Year of the Wave

Palace of del dungeon key

The Circle of Valor arrives in Waterdeep. The party thanks Ahiktos for his aid in helping to reach the city. Tellazar plays tour guide and leads the others to the Font of Knowledge, the grand temple of Oghma, God of Knowledge. Priest Wanthor of Oghma takes the robe given to them in Everlund as part of Turnoc Readleaf’s will and gives them a sealed paper package with a wax symbol of a leaf.

The group looks for an Inn and they make their way to the Yawning Portal. Saedellas asks about rooms and learns the Innkeeper Durnan charge 15 gold per room for a fortnight. Corthen learns that it is 1 gold per person to go up or down the well into the Underhalls of the dungeon that everyone calls Undermountain. The party finishes their drinks and leave the Yawning Portal.

Tellazar takes everyone with him and introduces his companions to his family. The Hemzalls are bakers by trade. Tellazar’s mother makes sure everyone eats a full meal, including the family breads and pastries. The Circle of Valor members find rooms at the Inn of the Dripping Dagger. The Inn’s front door is covered with blood stains and weapon scars. The group rents three rooms for 3 tendays from Filiare, the owner. The adventurers retire to one of the rooms for privacy to view the contents inside the package they got from Priest Wanthor . Inside the package is an unusual key and a map of a room with some cryptic instructions. The party makes plans to seek out training in their respective arts. Filiare helps set Corthen up with Ulreth, a warrior trainer.



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