Guardians of the Past

16th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

At midafternoon a tired but happy group arrives at the Halfway Inn. Clammas and Varnella inform the party that they must travel on to Everska and report to the Coucil Lords. Clammas asks the party to wait at the inn until called upon again. The inn is a collection of buildings located in a small wooded forest. The inn sits surrounded by paddocks and warehouses that the merchants trading with the elves use. The party sees a mixture of humans, elves, dwarves, and a few gnomes in the small merchant village.

The heroes make their way to the inn where they ask the pretty young elf girl directions to the proprietor. She ushers them into the taproom where a smiling elf introduces himself as Myrin Silverspear. Myrin sets the party up with rooms, baths, food, and drink. Even Uldred finds the Halfway Inn to his liking when he finds that Myrin stocks many different spirits for travelers, even several good dwarven ales.

Tellazar inquires if he can buy pearls anywhere nearby. Myrin informs him that a local human, Branchek Yuldis, is a local who deals in gems and jewelry. Tellazar and Corthen visit the gem merchant and purchase 10 pearls for the mage to use in his Identify spells.



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