Guardians of the Past

19th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

After a night of rest the Guardians of the Past return to the halls north of the wereboar lair. The group discovers a room filled with rubble. The group decides to bypass this chamber since they are unsure of the stability of the room.

Traveling west, Rehs claims to hear a soft metallic snap and convinces the others to proceed in the direction of his noise. The group enters an empty chamber with a stone portal exiting through the north wall. Corthen discovers a secret door in the west wall. Rehs listens and motions to his companions that the room beyond is occupied by talking creatures.

The group prepares weapons and Erith opens the secret door. Ayremyr and Corthen charge into the chamber beyond to find themselves facing down a group of armed orcs. The heroes battle the scimitar wielding orcs. During the battle Ayremyr decides to move several levers on the wall. He manages to open firing ports through which a green mist begins filling the room. Samira manages to close the firing ports and the gas begins to dissipate. Ayremyr is struck by a scimitar and realizes that he has been poisoned. Three orcs manage to slip out another secret door and run away. Samira tends to the young elf warrior before he recovers from the black paste the orcs used on their blades.

The group decides to follow the surviving orcs to see if they can capture or kill them if they can be found. The group does not find the missing orcs, but they find two dark pools of placid water. One of the pools is above the other in the ceiling. The party begins to examine the bottom pool when a serpentine column of living water attacks them from the upside down pool in the ceiling.

The heroes finally manages to smash the water creature before Corthen strips down to dive into the waters of the other pool. He is quickly surprised by the water creature that has reformed. It thrusts him down into the pool and throws him about in an attempt to drown him. His comrades attack the living water and manage to destroy the creature and pull out their friend from the pool. He tells the others that he saw a glow coming from the water below and intends to retrieve the item.

The water creature reforms and the party has to fight it once again. Finally Erith suggests using the magic of his teleport ring to escape from the water elemental kin. The group lets the bard dive into the pool. He reappears dripping wet in the hallway clutching a glowing green scimitar. He tells his friends that there may be more below. He says that the bones a unlucky adventurer lie at the bottom as well.

The group destroys the creature this time with spells and the bard dives back into the dark pool. He returns from the depths using the ring’s magic clutching a torn leather sack. He pours out a stream of gold coins onto the floor which the group scoops up. The group weakened from battling the water monster more than once decides to return to the surface.

Arriving back in the Yawning Portal the group hears excited stories amongst the customers drinking in the taproom. Corthen learns that an adventuring group called the “Black Swords of the North” have discovered a huge anvil made of pure gold in a chamber in Undermountain. Their unsuccessful attempts in the last day to break off pieces of the anvil have resulted in the loud bells that could be heard in Undermountain as well as in parts of the city. Corthen bites his tongue and says nothing, lest the general public somehow learn of the gem hoard the party removed from that hidden dwarven temple two years ago.

Tellazar hears that the Deep Delvers will be auctioning off some of their enchanted items that they have acquired from Undermountain including the personal wands and staff of Halaster Blackcloak! He informs his companions of the news and the party and informs them that the auction is only two days away. The group retires to Corthen’s home to discuss their plans to purchase as many of the magical items as they can from the noble adventurers.



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