Guardians of the Past

13th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The party battered by the fight against the black robed priests of Cyric receive healing from the two priests within the party. Zyla rides with Erith and does not speak much. The party rides all day until dusk before making camp.

Tellazar discusses taking some Identify spells for the morning so he can learn of the powers of the items plundered from the dark priests while Corthen examines the gems and valuables to establish their value.

During the second watch of the night of Tellazar, Uldred and Samira hear snapping branches and Uldred attempts to wake everyone before the party is swarmed. He recognizes the sounds of trolls. The dwarf wakes Ayremyr and Erith, but Corthen is still in reverie. Twelve trolls attack the camp and one of the hungry creatures leaps beside Corthen’s bedroll and claws and bites the prostrate elf.

The elven warrior lies unmoving as the creature descends again to tear his flesh from his bones when Zyla Blossom snatches up his flametongue longsword and stab the offender with the burning sword. Hacking and burning the trolls, the party manages to slay most of the foul giants. Samira finally is able to rush to Corthen’s aid and revive him. Lord Cauldyth, Ayremyr, Rehs, and Zyla dispatch the remaining trolls and put them afire to combat their regenerative powers.

A pale and weak Corthen looks to the angry and defiant Zyla standing with his sword still burning and asks for his blade. The girl looks at elven hero and states he may have his enchanted blade when the party rightfully returns her moonstones seized at the grove. The elf seeing no way out of this but giving the raven-haired female the twenty gems that they had claimed while she was deceased. He has Rehs bring her the stones which she accepts before extinguishing the flametongue sword and placing it back into its sheath and tossing it to him before walking away.



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