Guardians of the Past

18th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

The party is met by a small contingent of elves at highsunfeast. The party meets the two noble looking elves accompanied by elder looking priests that carry the holy symbols of Corellon Larethian. The elves meet in private with the heroes and ask if they may now see the girdle recovered from the Forgotten Forest. Corthen removes the ancient artifact and places it carefully onto the table. After close inspection by the feywardens, they announce that it is the holy relic lost long ago. The party tells the elves of Evereska that it belongs to the elven people and they wish to return it to them.

The leader, Erlan Duirsar, thanks the adventurers. He tells them that they have a good reputation in Waterdeep according to his father. Erith and the others realize that Erlan is the son of Evindal Duirsar, the patriarch priest of Corellon in the City of Splendors with whom they met with when they met with the Evereskan Embassy.

Erlan has servants bring in elven made clothing for the party, as well as 4,000 platinum coins and twenty moonstone gems. The last gifts are a mix of enchanted ioun stones, a magic harp, magic gauntlets, and a wand.



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