Guardians of the Past

15th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The group has healed and is prepared to return to exploring and seeking out the Jester. Tellazar recasts his defensive spells. As they head down a hallway the group can hear the sound of rhythmic drumming. As the party approaches closer, fear grips many of them and most of the party flees in terror. Once the adventurers gather back up and regain their composure, they realize that the fear is likely the result of magic related to the sound of the drums. Saedellas suggests they put wax in their ears to prevent them from hearing the drums. Saedellas’ plan works for everyone but Corthen and Nolia. They both flee in fear once again as they neared the chamber of the drum sounds. Once the others catch back up with them, they re-adjust Nolia and Corthen’s wax ear plugs and enter the room.

The drum room has a faint but recurring spicy smell. There are 8 filthy humanoids surrounding a ninth that is playing the large drums. The only light in the room is coming from adventuring party. When the heroes approach, the foul humanoids attack. The party realizes the creatures are a mix of ghouls and ghasts. The drummer is something different. During the fight he touches Nolia and then drops to the ground. She then begins attacking her comrades. Erith uses his powers and orders the possessor out of Nolia. The heroes then begin concentrating attacks on the undead drummer. None of their weapons appear to have any affect on him and only fire spells from Tellazar do any damage. Vilnullas, Cortonas, and Silvaris are paralyzed by the ghouls and ghasts before the group manages to finish the last of the drummer’s followers.

The group is sorely wounded and they begin to do anything to survive the fight. After exhausting all of their spells, they are left with torches to try and defeat this hellish brute. Erith begs the others to grab their stricken members and perform a fighting withdrawl away from the undead creature that is immune to swords and weapons. Corthen refuses to leave, placing everyone in great peril. Erith begins singing prayers aloud to the Gods asking for favor in the afterlife.

Tellazar uses the Ring of Undermountain to teleport away. The undead creature continues to batter the few members still surrounding it. Tellazar suddenly teleports back into the room. He drops an armload of ceramic flasks on the creature’s feet and yells at Uldred to drop his torch there. The undead drummer bursts into flames as the fire reaches the broken flasks of flame oil. Tellazar is singed by the licking flames but amazingly no one else is caught in the conflagration and everyone manages to survive the fight though they are cut and battered. Some of the party realize death nearly claimed all of them today, but others seem oblivious that they seemed to have pressed their luck today.

Corthen and Saedellas toss the ghasts onto the burning drummer. All that is left in the room are the drums, which appear to be magical. There are two drums in the set and they are huge. They are covered in geometric designs. Tellazar teleports the drums to Saedallas’ room in the manor house. He also teleports out the rest of the flame oil, and the spices and herbs found during a previous crawl in another hidden storeroom.

The battered group heads out of Undermountain. Once in the Yawning Portal, Corthen buys a round of drinks for the party. When the group returns to the manor, Kyrin Hawkwinter is waiting for them. She addresses Corthen first and the group invites her inside to talk. Kyrin has come to extend the offer her father made to party during the costume ball. Beside the gold and the mage trained war horses, he is increasing the offer to include 300 acres of land in Amphail and the choice of one magic item from Lord Hawkwinter. Lord Hawkwinter wants the party to make 2 trips; one to Evereska and one to Earlann. The Hawkwinters want the heroes to help them get a trade agreement set up with the two elven lands. The group accepts the offer and chooses a magical cloak of protection that is given to Tellazar.

Later Corthen walks to the plinth to ask the priest of Corellon about the trident medallion. He is referred to the Temple of Oghma. One of the senior priests of Oghma reveals the medallion is the holy symbol of Gulkulath, the Lord of the Northern Deeps. He shares that not much is known about him in Waterdeep; he says that Gulkulath is not openly worshipped. The priest says that any worship is done in secret by any who worship the water deity.



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