Guardians of the Past

29th of Uktar 1364 Year of the Wave

In the morning the girl has recovered, the group learns that her name is Maith and she is from the High Forest. She arrived in Waterdeep with her parents 3 days ago on the 26th of Uktar. During the night intruders slipped past the locked door and kidnapped the sleeping elf. Maith says that her family was staying at Maerghoun’s Inn in the Sea Ward. She tells the group that her parents are Tramlar and Enella Slenderbow.

The group travels to Maerghoun’s Inn and ask for her parents. The innkeeper summons a member of the city watch. The heroes explain to the watch captain that they rescued the elf from Undermountain and they let him speak to Maith. Her parents arrive back at the the inn and thank her rescuers. Tramlar Slenderbow is very greatful and promises to reward each member in the near future. The group says their goodbyes to the elves and decide to return to the dungeon today.

Uldred leads the group into the Yawning Portal. In the taproom a number of the patrons are drinking and making wagers on a group descending into the well. Corthen decides to try and get into some of the gambling and makes several boasts to the gamblers. One burly moneylender, Julas Bergstrom, challenges Corthen and they make a bet for 100 gp that his party will stay at least a week and head east in the dungeon. The gamblers require the party show them their map to prove what areas they have already explored and agree to show them the updated map when the adventurers come back out. The moneylender says this is to prevent the group from holing up in a sealed room facing little risk of death. Julas says that either the party will return early or the will lose at least one member in the seven day period.

The group descends into Undermountain and make their way into the eastern passages. Exploring several long hallways, Cortonas hears some snarling behind the party down a turning hallway but nothing else is seen or heard. The group travels up one flight of short stairs. Turning a corner in the passage, Corthen and Vilnullas fall into a pit trap and the stone floor closes behind them. Tellazar and Saedellas yell at the trapped members beneath the floor and they respond. Nolia tries triggering the trap again by walking out onto that section of floor but either she is not heavy enough to trigger its opening or the pit has now locked. Vilnullas tells the party the pit is deep and filled with spikes but they only suffered minor injuries. The frustrated rescue party gives up searching for a trigger and decides to break their way through the stone floor. Once the dwarf breaks away enough of the stone, Silvaris and Erith lower lines down and then the group pulls the warriors up with the ropes. Uldred heals them and the group resumes its exploration.

At the end of one hall is a shimmering wall of light. Bats fly out of a door to the east that the party has opened. Behind it the party finds a set of stairs leading down. Not wishing to descend to a lower level the group retreats and closes the door. Across the hallway Silvaris finds that the reinforced wooden door is trapped. He manages to trigger the trapped door, it opens really fast and spikes emerge from the door face and smash into the hall. The door moves to close again on its own, but Silvaris the rogue manages to hold the door open with a pry bar and can see a room behind the portal. Cortonas and Uldred enter the room while Silvaris and Corthen keep the door open with their prybars. In the center of the room is a broken table that is severely rotted with several chairs scattered around. Cortonas thinks this may have been a meeting hall. In the rubble he finds a brass cup and a tarnished silver necklace. The dwarven priest and the human rogue check out an adjoining chamber. The smaller room contains human bones scattered along the floor. Uldred and Cortonas exit the meeting room and rejoin the others.

The adventuring group approaches the shimmering wall and examine it. The barrier is magical and gives off a soft glow of light. Saedellas says his sixth sense prayer, afterwards he filled with an ill foreboding if the party attempts to engage the magic here. The servant of Corellon speaks to the others and warns them that he does think the shimmering wall of light is a thing for them to probe further. The others agree to let the wall alone.

The party backtracks and descends the short flight of stairs. Silvaris and Cortonas check door giving it an inspection for hidden traps. Finding none, Vilnullas opens the door to a room that looks like a bedroom with rotted furniture and bedding, but the floor appears to be swept clean. The group continues south and finds a locked door which Silvaris picks. It has a 15 foot ceiling and a tapestry that goes from the floor to 12’ up. It is of a hunting scene and is faded. A 2 foot spider drops down on Tellazar but it dies before it has a chance to bite him. A check behind the tapestry finds nothing of interest to the group.

Vilnullas opens another door along the hall that opens into a larger area. It is a big campsite. There is a 6’ tall staff with a human skull mounted to the top. It is propped up on the wall. The skull is painted orange and has Ferdul the Fabulous written on it. The walls in the chamber are covered in graffiti. “Faeries freedom will doom you.” “I love Ferdul.” “Beware the metal mage!” “Rest in peace…Ferdul Olizeen,” in Thorass. “This tomb is the holy site of the nightwalker.” “All pay respect to the dead. They see all.” “The halls of Meilarkin shall be reclaimed. Rengar Stormbeard, Blood of King Angargrim.” “The treasure lies below near the temple.”

The hallway west opens into a large room. It is empty except for a metal plate on the wall with three levers. Silvaris checks for traps and then pushes the west one up. A blue mist fills the air in the room. It is very poisonous. The group uses the last of their healing spells and retreats back to spend the night in Ferdul’s room.



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