Guardians of the Past

Corthen and Erith conclude their deal with Teramith for a shared partnership with her for the Splendid Falcon Theater and Dance Hall. The elf sends a message to his five friends who moved out of his house and into Saedellas’ residence. He invites them to the Splendid Falcon for drinks and tells them he wants to talk to them and try to apologize for the misunderstanding yesterday.

Only Samira comes to have a drink with Corthen. He is hurt that his other friends even refuse to join him for a drink. They sit and discuss his what his intentions were. Samira states that she understands but she says that while she is not desitute, she cannot afford to purchase a home within the city so she has opted to stay with the others until she can afford to buy a simple house in the Castle Ward, Trades Ward, or the South Ward. Corthen asks Erith and Samira to join him on a tavern tour of the area. He says that he feels like exploring parts of the city he never sees while spending so many days in the dark passages of Undermountain.

The trio leave the dance hall and make their way to the Blue Jack. They meet Immithar the Glove, the joking, fast-moving proprietor. Samira learns that the tavern is named for Immithar’s old blue leather armor that he wore during his adventuring days.

Leaving the Blue Jack, Corthen leads the group to the Red Eyed Owl. The bartender hails Corthen from across the room. He asks, “Corthen, are you drinking zzar tonight?” The elf looks at his friends confused. He approaches the barman and asks him if they have met before. The red-haired barkeep, Balarg “Two-Fists” tells the elven warrior he should stop hitting his head on all the headboards of his conquests. Corthen tells Balarg he has never met him and he has never been in his bar before tonight. The beefy bar owner looks the elf in the eye and smiles. He says, “I owe you plenty for the night with Sheene, so if we never met before… I’ll keep the watch off your back with whatever story you need, my friend.”

Corthen drinks the glass of zzar without pause and realizes that Balarg and Sheene must be part of the puzzle that is related to his imposter, the “Fake Corthen”. The elf warrior tries to find out from “Two Fists” what he can about Sheene. The bar owner says that he thinks she works at the Gentle Pussycat Festhall in the South Ward. He says that Corthen introduced Balarg and paid Sheene to spend a night with him because he was partying at the Red Owl several months ago with a large group of gorgeous women and several rich looking men.

Corthen grabs his friends and asks them to accompany him to the Gentle Pussycat. Erith and Samira join his on his trek across the darkening city streets of Waterdeep. The Gentle Pussycat Festhall, located on the High Road’s eastern side, two doors up from Coach Street. The four story festhall was busy with many new travelers, since it is so close to the South Gate. The trio was soon met by Mother Yanna, a middle-aged woman of some beauty. She offers them a free drink and offers to have a coinlass join them if they desire company. Corthen tells Mother Yanna that he would like a glass of wine and the company of Sheene. The festhall madam offers Corthen the company of Chanya or Fern, two of her other girls since Sheene is not available. Corthen is adamant that he wants to meet with Sheene and that he will wait. Erith is smitten with Chanya, so he leaves with the lusty blonde.

Corthen asks Samira to go with him when he meets with Sheene. He tells her that she may be part of the plot to impersonate him, so she may be dangerous and he may need backup. Samira reluctantly agrees to pretend to be involved in the elf’s intended coupling session. Eventually Sheene comes into the the waiting parlor where she greets Corthen with a kiss and some very personal caressing. The elf manages to stick to his story and asks Sheene if he and Samira may join him upstairs. The pleasure lass gives him a wicked smile and gives him a price which he pays her. Once upstairs Corthen tries to question the brunette woman about their past meetings and how they first met. Sheene tells Samira and Corthen that she first met him at the Blind Minotaur several months ago. Corthen finally tries to explain that the man she met was not him, but an imposter. He pays her additional gold to report to him any additional sightings of the “Fake Corthen” or with any news she may learn of the imposter with promise of hundreds in gold for her help. Sheene promises to aid Corthen if she learns more.



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